Feed The Homeless Around Downtown On Saturday Evening With Sandwich Saturdays!

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Every 2 weeks on Saturday


655 14th St · San Diego, CA

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We feed the homeless around downtown on Saturday evenings. This involves walking several blocks, but we have opportunities for those with disabilities to help. (Please reach out ahead of time and we can make accommodations for you.)

We are not affiliated with a church or organization and our members are secular, religious, and atheist. Everyone is welcome! We hand out food, water, and various supplies with no expectations or requirements in return; that means we don't ask anyone to take our literature, pray with us, perform a religious act, appear in a picture, etc. (Consent can be blurry here since folks who are homeless feel the pressure to make you happy in order to receive help.) No photography of people outside our volunteers is permitted. Even if you get verbal permission, people living rough often feel pressured to agree to a picture, a prayer, or any other favor since they are in a vulnerable position. We do NOT take advantage of people who are vulnerable.

Kids are welcome to come help! Since we are working with people with mental illness, drug addiction, and living in a stressful environment expect bad language, people in various states of awareness (high, unconscious), and sometimes yelling. We have yet to see any violence, but of course, there is no guarantee. There is a large group of us for safety and we expect anyone who is part of our MeetUp to stay with the group at all times. Please don't fall behind and let someone know if you're "running up the street to get that one guy a sandwich." We stick together.

We use only what our volunteers bring so feel free to bring things with you or purchase them at Albertsons when you get there. These are our go-to items but feel free to bring whatever you would like:

Loaves of Bread (wheat or dense bread as it holds up better)
Lunch Meat (Turkey, Ham, Bologna)
Sliced Cheese (Big block from Smart & Final)
Peanut Butter
Jelly (Squeezable if possible)
Mayo (Squeezable if possible)
Mustard (Squeezable if possible)
Oranges (Cuties)
String cheese
Water Bottles (we need *at least* 8 cases each time out)
Sandwich Bags
Gloves (Food Service type)
100 Plastic Grocery Bags (usually purchased from the Albertsons for 10 cents a bag)

Socks (Men and Women)
Feminine Pads
Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Clothing Donations