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Poetry night with the Orange County Poetry Club
You need quarters for parking meters, there are also two public parking structures within walking distance. Food venues are available inside the market place. There is no charge for this meet up.

Fourth Street Market

201 4th St., · Santa Ana, CA

What we're about

SANTA ANA POETRY MEETUP Hi! My name is Maria and I am starting the Santa Ana Poetry Meetup. Looking to create a poets expression group in city of Santa Ana. Gathering people that write, perform and/or appreciate poetry and the art of the spoken word. Meetup Days:

Meetups will be the first Sunday afternoon of each month. Time and places for the meetups will depend on what places may be available to us on that day. Looking to gather at some venues in the Santa Ana Art District downtown, local parks, coffee shops Collaborative Writing Workshops:

There will be writing workshops for any writers interested in working together to create combined work, (collaborations), critique writing, and participate in writing games and writing exercises. Types of Poetry:

Free form
Voice expression
Creative writing
Self written poetry and verse
Collaborative work
Short narrative poems
Spoken story (2 minute minimum, 15 minutes maximum per performer)
Poetic work in visual display art form Readings of classical and contemporary poetry (original authors must be cited) Poetry in sign language
Poetry accompanied by instrument Poetry in song

At the end of each meeting we will have a short refreshment break with a group discussion about the works performed, a question and answer period and an opportunity to be critiqued by fellow artists to hone the artistic talent of anyone who would like input regarding their writings, readings and performances.

Rules of the Group:

Performance times will be determined by a chronological sign-up sheet. (performers will perform in the order they arrive and sign up in).

Respect everyone at all times

Be tolerant of all ages, physicalities, creeds and ethnicities and be respectful of the artistry derived therein

Anyone performing under the age eighteen must be accompanied at all times by an adult (that adult must join the meetup.). (You must be eighteen to join) Honor fellow performers and their performances No no offensive, obscene, indecent material or vulgar language Be mindful of the audiences and keep performance material audience and venue appropriate at all times No flash photography during performances

Any musical instrument performance must be acoustic

(A sound system may be provided depending on the venue)

Always cite the writer of the material you are reciting if the writer of the piece is not you Remember that all and everything is beautiful under the universal eye. All works performed in public must be clean and free of vulgar and disrespectful language of any kind and suitable for audiences of all ages and be time and venue appropriate. We are looking for respectful, positive atmospheres for all poets and spoken word performers to expand their work and have a supportive thriving colloque to share the passion of the poetic and narrative voice. We will be meeting in public venues (performing in coffee houses, cafes, parks, book stores and street performing). Failure to respect the rules of the group will result in separation from the group. Mission:

Our goal will be stretching the artistic enlightenment of each of the participants in the group and maintaining the vibrant overall health of the collective poetic environment. Goal:

If it is your destiny to express the poetry and artistry of your soul, open and expand the horizon of the collective creative mind, participate in a supportive, sharing environment, enjoy the beauty of the poetic mind and voice then this group is meant for you.

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