Evening Conditioning Hike


This is a conditioning hike, which means the emphasis is on cardio. We will be going at a moderately strenuous pace to tick off 4-6 miles with over 1500' of elevation gain in two hours. And yes, this will be a night hike, as in: it will be dark.

We'll start at Rattlesnake Trailhead, and see where we end up so we're back by 7:30.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As usual, we'll start hiking at exactly 5:30pm, so plan accordingly. If you're running late, pick up the pace (for even more cardio!) and you should be able to catch up to the group---if the coyotes don't get you first.

The other usual conditions apply: bring plenty of water, a flashlight/headlamp (or two) along with a layer (or two) because the temps will be dropping. As always, you're also responsible for your own safety and behavior.

Happy, well-conditioned trail pups are also welcome (i.e. dogs), but make sure they have water & snacks, too.