• Happy Hour
    Our next happy hour will take place at Islands restaurant in La Cumbre Plaza in the space that was occupied by Marmalade. It runs from 4-6 and features some kind of drinks on sale as well as some type of appetizers(ok I’m a little short of information on this one).

    Islands Restaurant Santa Barbara

    3825 State Street · Santa Barbara

  • Happy Hour
    The only way to follow up a trip to the islands is to have a happy hour at Islands Restaurant located in La Cumbre Plaza. From 4-6pm on the 23rd we will party down at Islands(located where Marmalade used to be). Each attendee will be required to tell their best island camping story or purchase a round of drinks.

    Islands Restaurant Santa Barbara

    3825 State Street · Santa Barbara

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  • Santa Cruz Island Camping Trip
    This is the mother of all camping trips (or perhaps the great aunt-the one with the lazy eye and the prosthetic leg). It runs from Friday through Sunday and the best part about it is that you can come for one day, or two or three. There will be hiking, kayaking, and hiking. You can even act out your favorite episode of “Naked and Afraid”. You must pre-register so get on our website (www.sbski.org (http://www.sbski.org/)) and sign up, and then call Island Packers in Ventura to make reservations for the trip out and back. For more info see our website, or contact Ginny Nixon. There are a limited number of spots so don’t dally(or at least dally after you’ve made your reservations.

    Island Packers

    1691 Spinnaker Dr · Ventura, CA

  • Fitness Meeting
    We will meet at the YMCA on Hitchcock at 7:30 where trainers will be standing by to demonstrate strength, balance, stretching, and conditioning exercises designed to maximize your skiing experience. While there is no cost for this event, you must log on to our website, www.sbski.org (http://www.sbski.org/) and register for it. If you have forgotten your ultra secret login code, you will be hung from a tree in the parking lot, where you will be used as a pinata by the children. Questions? Call Ginny at[masked]


    36 hitchcock · Santa Barbara, CA

  • Bike and Wine
    Yes it’s almost upon us again. Our Bi-annual (that doesn’t mean what you think it means) ride through the Santa Ynez valley. We will meet at Hans Christian Anderson park at promptly 9am where the ride coordinator will give a rousing sendoff speech, and cyclists of all abilities will depart for a day of biking and wine tasting. The fair people of the valley have been warned to keep their women, children and small farm animals out of sight while the ski club rides rampant through the valley (actually most of us will be riding bikes). A sag wagon will be patrolling the routes, looking for lost, or broken down riders, and picking up any purchases that are made. We will all meet back at the park in the afternoon for a fabulous barbeque consisting of your choice of a heavenly hamburger, a savory salmon burger, or a voluptuous veggie burger. And don’t forget that this is a pot luck, so be sure to bring a dish to share as well as your beverage of choice. The cost is a mere $10 payable at the door (or gate or road or whatever) But please notify me that you’re coming and what your choice of burger is. You can call me at[masked] or email me at [masked] . If you show up without notifying me, you will dine on the crummy cardboard burger.

    Hans Christian Andersen Park

    633 Chalk Hill Rd. · Solvang, CA

  • Boat to Boat
    Okay, before I get into our first event, I have to let you in on a secret that I just learned. This is just between us so don’t spread it around. When you get on our website, www.sbski.org (http://www.sbski.org/) you will notice a login button. If you click on it and type in your secret login information, events will come up on the calendar that only you can see. Thus you will be privy to information that the ordinary non skier doesn’t have access to. If that doesn’t make you feel special then you’re the kind of person who would complain if you were hung with a new rope! Now that we got that Hallmark moment out of the way, I’ll tell you about our first event. As the headline says, it’s the boat to boat (to boat) party .At 4pm we will meet at Tara's Island Scout located at located at Marina 2, slip C-46 at 4pm. Then Gary's Heavenly Penny at Marina 3 slip B-29 at 5pm. And finally back to Marina 2 slip B-26 for the fabulous finish at Mark and Ellie's Mariposa de la Islas. There will be some treats for you there, but you must BYOB. Shenanigans are sure to ensue as they did last year when 3 people fell overboard (ok two people got splashed by a passing boat) (ok, one person spilled a drink on himself). On or about 5pm, we will transition (which means we’ll move) to the next boat. More treats will be available and by this time you will probably be feeling pretty special. This however is where the (to boat) comes in. At 6 pm the party will depart the Island Scout and head en masse to the Mariposa de la Islas owned by Mark and Ellie and located at Marina 2, slip B=26 where you will behold a feast like you have never laid eyes on. There will be a pig roasting off of the fantail. There will be chickens slowly spit roasting on the bow. The cabin will be full of vegetables, some of which you have never heard of. All available only to ski club members. You might have a hard time believing this, but you won’t know unless you show up.

    Santa Barbara Harbor

    132 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara · Santa Barbara, CA

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  • Kick Off BBQ
    Our bbq will take place on Sunday, September 30 at Goleta Beach area #B from 12 until 4. Bring a dish to share and whatever you want to drink. A veritable cornucopia of burgers (beef. Salmon and veggie) will be served. After lunch a variety of lawn games will be played including but not limited to bags(cornhole), and a weird Finnish game which I’m sure Ritva made up and I’m just as sure she changes the rules every year.

    Goleta Beach Park

    5986 Sandspit Road · Goleta, CA

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  • Kick-Off Ski Club Meeting
    And you thought I was joking when I said earlier that ski season was creeping up on us! Our first meeting of the new season is here! You can sign up for trips to Banff, Telluride, and Mammoth to name a few (okay that’s all of them). You can sip a cold one with your friends while recalling the yard sale that you had on Pumpkin back in’06 or the time that you slid face first down Climax (when you know you haven’t been anywhere near a Climax since ’89). The meeting starts at 7:30 and runs until 9:00pm. It takes place at the Chase Palm Park building at 236 E. Cabrillo. Don’t miss this meeting or you will regret it. Maybe not now, but soon. And for the rest of your life.

    Chase Palm Park

    236 E. Cabrillo Blvd · Santa Barbara, CA

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  • Happy Hour
    Our next happy hour will take place on Tuesday, September 11 at the Hollister Brewing Company located at 6980 Marketplace drive in the Costco center. It takes place from 4-6 which means it’s a happy(2)hour(s)(that’s a lot of parentheses!). So come on out and join your friends (or make some friends if you don’t have any) and have a good time recalling all of the great runs that you never did.

    Hollister Brewing Company

    6980 Market Place Drive · Goleta, CA

  • Bike & Brunch
    Yet another bike and brunch. One would almost think that the club is making a not so subtle attempt to get you in shape for ski season. But then you’re probably one of those conspiracy theorists who think that the mafia hired Elvis to kill Kennedy. This one will meet at the Well Fargo bank parking lot at State and Hope at 9am. From there we will ride out to Sandpiper Golf Course where we will partake of a scrumptious repast before heading back to Santa Barbara. (Any exercise received from riding on the bike and brunch is purely coincidental and is not intended to get you in as good a shape as you would be if you had stayed home and searched for the remote)

    Wells Fargo Bank parking lot

    3802 State and Hope Ave, at 8:45am. Leaving at 9:00am. · Santa Barbara, CA