Painting the Luminous Peace Rose Workshop


Instructor: Jo-Neal Graves
Levels: Some experience recommended
Offered: One Saturday Afternoon, 10/26/19, 9:30am-3:30pm

In this workshop we will learn the layering processes and colors used to create a beautiful luminous flower with depth and also an interesting background. We will be using the techniques of wet into wet as well as layering/glazing. There will be practice of hard and soft edges. Since this is a one day workshop, I will send students a variety of peace rose images to chose from and ask that you have your drawing ready for class so we can get started immediately! We will be using a totally transparent color palette so please pay close attention to the materials list with regard to colors. I do suggest that you have some watercolor experience but it isn’t necessary to be advanced or even intermediate.

All attendees must register before class at: