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Become a part of the laughter movement while you relieve stress and have fun! Join us at Laughter Yoga Santa Cruz to become a healthier and happier you! We will play with problems, giggle with our gremlins, laugh with our fears and frustrations and reboot our joy set point. You will leave feeling peaceful, relaxed, energized,

This group is especially good for recovering people-pleasers, perfectionists, controller type A personalities, serious thinkers, over doers, and anyone who has been giving to everyone else and feels stressed, overwhelmed. If you want to feel better fast come join in an hour of pure fun and joy!

Fun warm ups, laughter exercises, joyful laughter meditation, and a deep relaxation (shivasana) will leave you blissed out!

Wear comfortable clothes, mat optional. Anyone can participate from children to seniors…all levels of physical fitness are welcome. And you can even be serious, grumpy or not in the mood and laugh. You will still feel better afterwards!

Laughing with others is priceless. Classes at Laughter Yoga Santa Cruz are: $10 drop-in, or $40 for 5 classes. First visit is always free!! Come play with us!

Look forward to laughing with you on Wednesdays!

In love and laughter, Carlala (aka JoyGirl)

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ONLINE: Stop Stressing, Start Laughing and Boost your immunity!

Boost your immune system and release stress with the super fun experience of a laughter yoga session on zoom! Come together and try this silly, fun practice and learn tools to bust through stress and play with problems. Laughter yoga is a practice where we connect with each other (online during Shelter-in-Place) through breathing exercises and simulated laughter, and through the exercises the laughter becomes real and contagious. The body starts to release feel-good hormones which boost the immune system, balance brain chemicals and increase happy hormones. A fun, transformative experience that can induce relaxation and inner peace. Give your body a relief from stress and join in a fun session of laughter, deep breathing and play! Laughter Love, Carla

Grief Yoga Online 11/01

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We are in unprecedented times, loss is happening at every angle. COVID19, BLM, politics, and other current US events have activated a hairline trigger in the collective, causing many of our coping mechanisms to go on full throttle. Maybe you're feeling an increase of chronic physical ailments, fearfulness, depression, overworking, addiction or compulsive behavior. Perhaps the experience of social isolation is causing agitation, angst and deep sadness. (I know it is for me) And many of these symptoms may be linked to unresolved grief stuck in the body. Joy and sorrow are directly linked; the same heart that holds joy for someone or something, is the heart that is breaking when that thing goes away or changes. GriefYoga® is an experiential class that can help liberate and transform inner pain & suffering related to loss, regret and trauma. Combining many forms of yoga, movement, breath and sound techniques, this powerful practice helps to release pain, free the body and support you in reconnecting to empowerment and joy. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grief-yoga-online-with-carla-h-brown-tickets-118985977261 Carla H Brown, Certified GriefYoga® teacher, will lead you in bringing awareness, expression and connection to unspoken, unfelt emotions and release them through the body without intellectualizing or bypassing the feelings. In a loving, safe setting, you will have the opportunity to get-it-out! Scream, punch, move and release!! Free yourself of all that emotion you’ve been holding onto. Let it go! And feel peace again so you can take action from a clear, grounded place. Whatever we repress, gets stuck in our bodies and robs us of energy, compromising our capacity for aliveness and joy. Time to let it go! Due to COVID, this class will be held online. In an online GriefYoga experience, you have the opportunity to turn your video off so you can have an intimate and private expression of your pain and still be connected to the group. Cost: $20-$35 Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grief-yoga-online-with-carla-h-brown-tickets-118985977261 Please note: This class is open to any level of yoga student, it is not a traditional yoga class. You can sit in a chair and take this class. It is an expressive class where you will use, not only your body, but your voice to liberate the stuck emotions inside. Allow yourself the opportunity to have a full, rich experience by letting the people you're sharing a space with know that you’ll need a dedicated time and space to be in this practice, where you can freely express without feeling self-conscious. (If possible they could be gone from the house during this time.) The main point of this class is to connect to the pain and suffering within and let it out. It’s an embodiment practice to support you to release. Being in your head, worrying about what people are thinking will inhibit your experience. Please reach out with any questions. I am happy to help. You are powerful and it’s time to remember this so we can take action from a connected place of love and caring. Carla - [masked]

COVID-Safe Laughter in the Park-Every Sunday

Ocean View Park

Special Sunday In-Person Laughter Session in the Park-COVID SAFE (Please bring your mask) Let's gather safely and laugh together in-person outside. Bring your masks and connect in a small group for laughter and silliness. 8 people max, please rsvp. We will laugh together in a group as a form of exercise. Even if your laughter is fake it will become real once you laugh and connect in fun ways with others! Laughter exercises can boost oxygen intake, increase the flow of happy chemicals and elevate our levels of joy and well-being. Increase your happiness quotient by repatterining your mind and body to release more serotonin dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins while you're laughing! • What to bring Mask, water, wear comfortable clothing, willingness to play and laugh together. Maintain social distancing. Masks required. • Important to know Anyone can participate, even those in a wheelchair. No mat needed. Text or call Meg Harlor with any questions:[masked]

Joy Reboot! with Carla Brown

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A short, sweet weekly practice designed to engage your body in the practice of joy and feeling good. Monday and Wednesday Mornings, 8:30-9 AM Pacific / 11:30 AM-12 PM Eastern Cost $10-15 drop in, $50 subscribers rate for 1 month twice weekly sessions. Email me at [masked] if you want to purchase a package! For Drop-In, check out this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/joy-reboot-tickets-123099157895 So often our bodies carry around the habits and patterns of our past. And now with the stress of the pandemic, racial and social injustices bubbling up, political unrest, fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters we are in deep collective and cumulative loss and it can no longer be suppressed. Our bodies are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. We cannot sustain these elevated states of stress hormones in the body and stay healthy. The chemicals of stress and worry are far stronger than any feel good chemicals. Though we don't have to be feeling good, to practice joy and positivity. The secret to living from joy is cultivating the wellspring of good feelings that supply the mind and body with positive fuel. Unless you have deliberately trained your body - through diet, exercise, spiritual practice - it will it will go back to the familiar pattern. Come to this weekly practice to unlearn stress and negativity and anchor new pathways of positivity and joy in the body. I hope to see you there! You will learn about: The Negativity Bias Anchoring good in the body How to create new neural pathways Mirror neurons and positive neuroplasticity Embodying your affirmations Breathing techniques for calming the brain Joyful movement and Laughter Exercises to practice delight This practice is coming from my years of experience with meditation, conscious movement, laughter yoga, energy medicine, grief yoga and my desire to release the trauma from my past and cultivate more joy in my life. I share it with you from my heart. Love, Carla

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Joy Reboot! with Carla Brown

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