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Pinot Noir Judging Contest - Round VI

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This event will feature our sixth round of seven Santa Cruz Mountain's finest Pinots rounds as we attempt to taste every Pinot that the Santa Cruz Mountains has to offer. We are in search of finding the "BEST" SCM Pinot. The winner of this next primary round will join in the final round of judging with the ranks of

1) John's 2011 Hallcrest (SLHL) Pinot

2) Sarah's Vineyard 2011 SCM Pinot.

3) Big Basin Vineyards 2010 SCM Pinot

4) Bargetto 2010 SCM Pinot

5) Hunter Hill 2012 SCM Pinot

We will use the same cheat sheets wine experts, and the knowledge we have obtained over the past while, we will taste and enjoy several Pinot Noir vintages together. We will all take notes and score each of of the wines using the same popular scoring scale as the experts. We will also be asked to write up a small one or two line advertisement for some of the wines we tasted.

See here for previous results:

This mainly social get together event with a twist will feature some awesome high end snacks to accompany the tastings. There is a 25.00 charge for this event that simply covers the costs of the wine and the food.