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How to Sell Your Writing, Editing & Analytical Skills on Fivver as a Beta Reader

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To attend this live online workshop and get the supporting videos and workbooks, go to https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/TZiZT/6fez5nt

Fivver is one of the most important online services platforms currently in existence, and it is a portal through which millions of people get the expert support they need to write, publish, produce, code, market, and sell quickly and cost effectively. Learning how to sell your services on Fivver is perhaps the fastest way to get paid for doing what you do best.

Beta Readers help authors by being the first to give them notes about articles, books, stories, press releases, web page content and other media they write. Beta readers may specialize in a specific genre like sci-fi, romance, or thriller, or in a particular type of document, like technical articles, business books, or sales copy. Screenplay readers are like Beta Readers but they give notes only on screenplays.

In this live online workshop you learn:

How to set yourself up as a service provider on Fiverr

Creating your reader description and artwork.

Defining your pricing and how your pricing changes over time.

Testing and tax requirements.

Promoting your Fiverr gig

Going on vacation / stopping orders when you are too busy.

Cancelling orders when you and the customer don't have a meeting of the minds.

Earning good reviews.

Expanding your services over time.

How you get compensated for your work

Alternatives to Fivver and to Selling Services Online

The skills mastered in this workshop can be used to sell a wide variety of services worldwide and many Fiverr providers earn $100K+ a year selling their work through the platform.

Immediately after you sign up for this workshop, you receive the following supporting videos and workbooks which comprise ~3 hours of training:

How to Sell Without Fear

Shame Free Self Promotion

The Art & Science of Creating a Profitable Business

If you have questions about this workshop, please email [masked].

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