• How to Build a Paying Audience (Hollywood Face to Face Meetup)
    For Hollywood Location & to Register you must go here: https://gumroad.com/l/1028at1 If you are an actor, writer, or producer in Hollywood and you want to have a career that gives you the roles you want and actually pays your bills, you absolutely have to gather an audience that actively follows you and your work, who comes to shows and buys tickets when you send out invitations, and who share and re-share your media when you send it out to them. An audience is the key to your success. Not your talent. Sign up for this face-to-face event in Hollywood by clicking I WANT THIS, entering your email address and payment information, and then checking your email for a message from Gumroad. Click the View Product link in the message to get the address and free parking information. You'll receive the workbook after the event via this link as well. Did you know . . . Some of the most talented people in the industry aren’t working right now because despite all the shows they were on, all the awards they’ve won, they can bring no financial value at all to a project. Producers who have made academy award winning movies often can’t get a dime for a new show because they can’t prove to investors or distributors that they have an audience waiting to buy what they sell. These folks haven't collected their audience so they can't earn a living. In this event you will learn: Exactly why you need an audience and what it means to “have” one. What makes building an audience incredibly difficult or entirely impossible What to call your website and exactly what your website has to have on it What social media sites you need to join, how you need to join them, what to post, and why what most people post is entirely wrong How to prove you have an audience to everyone who might hire you. How to use your audience to pay your bills day in and day out. What a “brand” is and why it presents such a risk to working artists when it’s incorrectly built. If you sign up to attend this event you’ll receive a step by step guide for building your audience in addition to a live workshop with industry peers. Speakers: Nancy Fulton is currently supporting more than 25,000 entertainment industry pros through face to face online events every month. She is a prolific writer/producer who had taught classes and created curricula for UCLA, the Art Institute, a leading School for Startups, fortune 100 Companies, and many publishers. She’s currently executive producer for Mobile Motion Mocap, a Virtual Production, VR, AR, production company here in LA. Learn more at www.Linkedin.com/in/nancyfulton Aaron Cox is a producer and marketing pro with vast experience in helping actors get the right gig and helping producers get the talent they want in their productions. Aaron has worked on literally hundreds of campaigns for film, TV, commercials, music videos, & print. You can learn more about his work at GEMcasting.com & MasterAuditioning.com Testimonials . . . Rick James/ Denver Pictures "I can not say enough for Nancy's loyalty to her clients. She really knows the business inside and..." Karen F Chambre / Karen LCSW Chambre Psy. D. candidate "Nancy Fulton has helped many of my clients in the entertainment industry. I highly recommend her ..." Lee Forgang / Knight Quest Entertainment "Nancy presents an incredible portfolio of materials on the Entertainment Industry through videos,..." Marla Simone "Nancy consistently educates and inspires. " Phil Condit / SICK PUPPY PICTURES "Nancy Fulton is unbelievable. She is an accomplished filmmaker, writer, producer and she is willing to teach everyone what she knows..." Anna Koukouli / LiLifornia Diaries Productions "Nancy is a true champion of people!! Independent filming writers, directors, producers ..." Lyle Royer / MD's MAD MONEY Inc. "Nancy is very supportive and consistently provides both information and valuable connections ..." Masashi Nagadoi /

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    Questions? Email nancy.fulton@yahoo.com · Los Angeles, CA