• FREE: Setting up a Business Phone Line (Even an 800 Number) for around $10/month

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    FREE: Setting up a Business Phone Line (Even an 800 Number) for around $10/month Sign up free and download the resources designed to support this event at https://gumroad.com/l/jDljD/y595ml6 (Note, I don't get a kick back or affiliate fee for recommending any of the solutions I talk about. They are just tools I know people need that work.) Having a business telephone number makes you look more professional and protects your personal privacy. It also allows you to work with a team of people to manage calls and texts. This workshop teaches you how to set up a phone systems that offers you a whole set of tools and options you don't get on your personal phone, and it reviews key laws that govern the use of phones in business. In this workshop Startups, Consultants, Producers, Agents, Managers, Actors, Public Speakers, Teachers, Non-Profits and others learn how to get a robust state-of-the-art phone system for a price they can afford. Important: During this live workshop you will have an opportunity to swiftly introduce yourself and share a link to your website, a book, film or service you want to sell, or your social media links. So this workshop provides professional training and a great opportunity to network as well. You will learn. How to set up an 800 number or standard phone number for ~$10 a month in under an hour. How to route calls to multiple people. How to set up a sophisticated answering service that records all calls and texts. How to accept texts to your business line and route them to one or more personal lines. How to send text and links by phone to multiple people (employees, cast, crew, customers, etc) How to allow people to sign up via keyword for text alerts, special offers, delivery information, etc. Information on specific laws and regulations that govern the use of phone and text technology. Right after you sign up, you will receive the following resources which support this workshop: Workbook: Rules for Phone Marketing and Customer Support This guide reviews the fundamental rules and federal regulations that govern marketing your business and supporting your customers via phone. Video: How to Sell Without Fear This video teaches you how to sell your creative work comfortably, swiftly, and honestly by helping you understand when, why, and how people decide to buy. If you have questions about this workshop email [masked]. You will find more free resources and upcoming workshops at www.nancyfultonmeetups.com. Sign up free at https://gumroad.com/l/jDljD/y595ml6 and download the supporting video and workbook.