Mindful Healing Music Meditation - Sound Therapy 101


Imagine yourself transported to a deep state of receptivity. Silence permeates the air… with an ethereal, other worldly sound bouncing off the drumhead.

A hauntingly beautiful voice brings inspiration to your core – creating the most extraordinary, mind-blowing, expansive musical experience that brings you to a state of deep calm.

What is Sound Healing?
How can Sound Healing benefit me?

Discover the answers through a live ancient healing music meditation workshop.

This is for you if: you need to replenish your energy, know what's next, and ready to reignite your dreams.

Bring a Yoga Mat and Healthy Snacks to share.
Donation Based Event...

Hosted by: Stephanie M. Kanan, Founder of Oasis Palisades Health and Wellness Center: oasispalisades.com.

Led by: Eliana Gilad, Founder - VoicesofEden.com - TEDx presenter, author and ancient healing sound and feminine leadership mentor works with people who don't know their dreams and are terrified that time'll run out before they figure it out. She helps them reignite their dreams and get on the path to live them with joy and confidence.

P.S If you want to get a flavor for the experience, watch her latest TEDx talk "Trust Your Silent Voice": https://youtu.be/oJAu3-s9Gb4, or download a Free Ancient Healing Sound Meditation at http://voicesofeden.com.