Salsa & Burlesque classes for only $5!

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Capoeira Besouro Studio

709 Lincoln Boulevard · Venice

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Dance for only $5!
Do you love to DANCE? Do you love SALSA and/or BURLESQUE? Do you love to PERFORM? ? Then this is the opportunity for you!

World Salsa Champion and Burlesque dynamo, Charlene Rose, will show you a simple yet sassy Burlesque routine and an easy yet sexy Salsa styling combo to spice up your Sunday! We are offering these classes to get you acquainted with Living Room to Ballroom, our Performance Teams, and our Style.

We will be also offering bonuses and discounts for one day only, so join the Performance Teams and experience that Dancer’s High that you can only get from performing. Best part? All levels are welcome, so if being on a performance team is something you’ve ever wanted to try, now is the time to take that first step!

Don’t have a desire to perform… Yet? Don’t worry, performances are not mandatory and you can join just as a Dancer in training!

Event Details
Vintage Burlesque 5:00-6:00pm
Ladies Salsa 6:00-7:00pm

Cost: Just $5 for either one or both classes- that’s up to 2 hours of dancing!

What to Expect:

Each class will begin with a Spicy and Sizzling warm-up, then you will learn Flavor, Style, Elegance and Execution with a Sassy Burlesque routine complete with flirtatious body movements, seductive struts, and come-hither head whips or a Hot New Ladies Salsa Styling Routine guaranteed to turn heads.