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We are currently on hiatus from offering weekly meditations and, instead, are working with another non-profit, Not Your Ordinary Mindfulness, to bring special mindfulness events to Santa Monica - including daylong meditation retreats with special guest teachers.

Stephanie Nash, the guiding teacher, has also started to offer ON-LINE PROGRAMS which will be available in April or May of 2018. MORE INFORMATION: www.strategic-mindfulness.com (https://www.strategic-mindfulness.com/)

Stephanie Nash has been a chief facilitator with Shinzen Young, master meditation teacher and founder of the Unifed Mindfulness system, for over a decade and combines his teachings with other methods - for the purpose of creating more Ease, Clarity, Focus and Presence in one's life. Stephanie designed a mindfulness training for a Harvard Medical School brain study and now speaks and teaches mindfulness programs for executives and organizations.

For more information - including links to guided meditations, youtube videos and blog entries about bringing mindfulness into daily life: http://www.MindfulnessArts.org/blog

Or for ON-LINE COURSES: www.strategic-mindfulness.com (https://www.strategic-mindfulness.com/)

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