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Looking to get your film funded? You have come to the right place. Since 2009 we have been running events that cover how to fund films on a regular basis. We also cover how to produce and release them profitably. If you visit http://www.filmfundingclub.com you can see some of what we have coming up.

We've collected several hours of video recordings and workbooks from several of our workshops to cover the information many members want to know. You can review them to learn how to legally raise money from investors (https://gumroad.com/l/investment/6074pl5), how to produce a $10,000 feature film you can sell for a profit (https://gumroad.com/l/gTmzX/lxruixf), and how to make a profitable $1M+ feature film (https://gumroad.com/l/1m620/vgqb4y2). If you have questions about what you learn you can email me at nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com.

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Creating Your Own Netflix-like Video Subscription Service / 7 More Workshops

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FREE RECORDED WORKSHOPS FOR GROUP MEMBERS FREE TODAY: HOW TO SELL YOUR CREATIVE WORK (Recorded Workshop & Workbook) Dozens of free tools and resources that will help you instantly earn more from your work as a writer, screenwriter, producer, performer, designer or other creative pro. Click here to get this recorded workshop and workbook: https://gumroad.com/l/AGiA/rxljle3 FREE TODAY: COVID-19 RISKS AND LIABILITIES FOR FILM/TV PRODUCERS, CAST, CREW, LED BY ATTORNEY / LITIGATOR JUSTIN STERLING: This is a key workshop if you are producing a project in the new COVID-19 era, or will be working as cast or crew on those projects. It covers insurance, hygiene, employment, new contract requirements, etc. It is a must-have resource for entertainment industry pros. https://gumroad.com/l/elglG/mfre20 FREE TODAY: Using Social Media Posts to Build Your Career & Sell Your Creative Work (Recorded Workshop & Workbook) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are in constant contact with millions of people every day. Click to get this recorded workshop and workbook to learn how to find your customers online at https://gumroad.com/l/QxZwJ/kdfo3h7 FREE TODAY: HOW TO USE LINKED IN TO PITCH ALMOST ANYONE (Recorded Workshop & Lecture Notes) LinkedIn is the world’s leading sales tool. It is, by far, the solution most widely used by successful producers, studio executives, investors, agents, and anyone else who has to actively build deals inside or outside the entertainment industry. Learn how to use LinkedIn correctly: https://gumroad.com/l/SbGl/sup6dhr UPCOMING LIVE WORKSHOPS All the live online workshops below are free to VIP/PRO members. To become one, sign up at https://gumroad.com/l/dUzqTK/VID0nly. In addition to the live workshops we run every month, you’ll get access to 200+ hours of training along with the live events. You can cancel at any time. Your membership includes dozens of in-depth videos, workbooks, and expert interviews covering film development, production, funding, and distribution, including information on producing in the Covid-19 era. We add new resources all the time. July 7 @ 7pm: Creating Your Own Netflix-like Video-on-Demand or Video Subscription Service very cost effectively in just a matter of days. If you have video to sell and are tired of looking for a distributor, trying to navigate the complex ways of Amazon, there are several services you can use to sell your content, and the content of others, very quickly and cost effectively. Instead of looking for a distributor, you can become one. We will discuss a variety of services, some of which distribute to computers, tablets, and phones, and some which get your videos on to smart TV’s like Roku, AppleTV, etc. July 14 @ 7pm: Writing better books, stories, pitches, reports and other content using very cost effective Grammar & Writing Analysis applications. These tools make it possible for you to make your rough draft much closer to your final draft without paying editors thousands of dollars every year. They let you write both faster and better which is key to earning more from your work as a writer, producer, public speaker, advisor, etc. July 21 @ 7pm: The Art & Science of Setting up a Patreon Page. Successful creative pros earn a good living by creating a stream of content over a period of years for an audience that loves them. Netflix, Amazon, Broadway Theaters, and Podcasts are all sustained by subscription sales. Patreon allows you to collect donations and subscription payments from people who love your work, and setting up a page takes almost no time at all. July 28: Radio & Podcast Interview Primer. How to get radio and podcast interviews, how to ensure your interview is great, and how to make sure you grow your audience and sell your work effectively through them. To attend live workshops, sign up at https://gumroad.com/l/dUzqTK/VID0nly and to find free workshops go to www.nancyfultonmeetups.com QUESTIONS? Email [masked].

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Via Zoom: New Filmmaker Liabilities/Insurance Issues w Attorney Justin Sterling

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