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Looking to get your film funded? You have come to the right place. Since 2009 we have been running events that cover how to fund films on a regular basis. We also cover how to produce and release them profitably. If you visit http://www.filmfundingclub.com you can see some of what we have coming up.

We've collected several hours of video recordings and workbooks from several of our workshops to cover the information many members want to know. You can review them to learn how to legally raise money from investors (https://gumroad.com/l/investment/6074pl5), how to produce a $10,000 feature film you can sell for a profit (https://gumroad.com/l/gTmzX/lxruixf), and how to make a profitable $1M+ feature film (https://gumroad.com/l/1m620/vgqb4y2). If you have questions about what you learn you can email me at nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com.

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RoadMapWriters: Mentoring, Career Advice, and Notes from Hollywood Insiders

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To attend and get the supporting videos you must sign up at https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/oWgyu/4je1boy

In this live online workshop you learn how Roadmap Writers allows screenwriters and authors to receive mentoring, career advice, and noted from high-value Hollywood Insiders working at leading studios and agencies. It also allows them to connect established Publishers, Editors, and Authors who have track records of significant success in book publishing.

You can see a list of 180+ writers who have been signed through Roadmap Writers at https://www.roadmapwriters.com/pages/success-stories, and you can see a list of dozens of insiders who offer 1-to-1 monthly mentoring through the program at https://www.roadmapwriters.com/collections/writing-mentorship. You can find a list of ad-hoc consulting services provided by experts at https://www.roadmapwriters.com/pages/consultations.

In this interview, you will meet Selene Castrovilla, Director of the Authors program at Roadmap Writers, and a multi-award winning author in her own right. You can learn more about her writing at https://www.amazon.com/Selene-Castrovilla/e/B001JP7RRY, and you'll discover why chose to work with Roadmap Writers founder Joey Tuccio to support writers and screenwriters after originally starting as a customer for Roadmap Writers services.

Questions addressed in this workshop:

What makes Roadmap Writers unique when it comes to supporting authors and screenwriters

Why industry experts choose to work with Roadmap to support writers

How working with Roadmap Writers helps protect writer scripts and books when working with insiders

How working with Roadmap Writers is different from taking classes at UCLA, USC, and other schools

How industry pros help writers and screenwriters understand the art of pitching their projects "in the room" or on the phone

On-demand services provided by experts including first 10 pages review, first 30 page review, detailed notes on whole screenplays and books, etc.

The Roadmap Writers community of writers and and the events that allow writers working with the program to get to know one another

Where to get answers to additional questions.

Along with this workshop you get:

A video covering copyright and work-for-hire fundamentals that every writer need to know in order to business safely. This recorded workshop features leading entertainment attorney Paul Levine.

A video covering right of publicity and fair use featuring attorney and litigator Justin Sterling that helps people understand how to write about famous people or important events legally.

If you have questions about this workshop, please email [masked].

To attend this workshop, sign up at https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/oWgyu/4je1boy

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Getting Your IMDB Credits for Films, Podcasts, Web Series, Shorts, TV Shows

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