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I am trying to get a regular group of players for a weekly or bi-weekly game of old school 1st edition AD&D. We need at least 5 players.

So, here's the skinny:
I haven't played since high school (decades ago), but I have a bunch of official campaign modules and want to try running a group. But I am totally willing to try whatever. We can move to playing any sort of table or board games, let's just see how it evolves! As long as we get a good group to meet regularly, then we can try all kinds of gaming! But to start, we will be meeting for some old school AD&D and see what happens.

I am willing to host at my home. We can do like pot luck or whatever.

I would really love to get a *diverse* group together.

You *will* need to find a first edition players handbook and a set of dice (both super cheap). I will provide the rest.

I have a daughter who is 10, so feel free to bring your kid to hang out and play while we game!


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