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Ever have too many edible things growing in your garden that you don't know what to do with? I do, lemons and eggs, wild plums, edible flowers, the list goes on. I like to make little gift baskets of food for my neighbors, but they don't all eat eggs or like artichokes or fennel. My hope is to facilitate food sharing among Santa Rosa backyard farmers/gardeners. This group will be focused on doing rather than drinking. Let's get together to share our bounty, learn gardening techniques from each other and have potlucks that feature the things we have grown. During the fall and winter we can meet up at local events and festivals. At this time, members can post their own "curb alerts" to share their excess crops without actually having a meeting. If we become a really vibrant group we might engage in labor exchange as well. Why is it so much more fun to weed in someone else's garden than your own? We might find an outside meeting place, and or do field trips, but my hope is that over time we can rotate holding the meetings in members own gardens

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