What we're about

Coffee with amateur and professional media producers.

1. Share your journey in the field of digital media/art/Internet. What makes you who you are today? Are you stuck on an idea that needs a few ears to solve?

2. Listen to others and engage in a positive manner to build meaningful conversations that can inspire current and future artists.

3. Ask questions on any related subjects.

4. Show us what you make! (Judgment Free Zone)

5. Learn from each other (Sometimes the best ideas come from those not looking into the sun) Gain insight from a dynamic field of creative minds.

The purpose of this group is to share and problem solve. There is strength in numbers, surround yourself with people with similar goals and see yourself grow.

If your a media maker of any kind:
-Social media managers

Or if you’re in school studying or what to study:
-Digital Marketing
-Video Production
-Creative Writer
-Audio Production (Music)

******Not sure if this is you? PLEASE send us a message!
******Think you have nothing much to say? Trust me you do!

Bonus: Join the group and chat with us during weekly meets and get a headshot that you can use for anything! Put yourself out there and Win!

Help your community become the best version of them selves. That's our #1 goal.

Hello! My name is Rodrigo Montiel and as a content creator I have found myself learning and being the most creative when I surround myself with like-minded individuals. This is key in any success you're working on achieving.

Ultimately my goal is to turn these conversations and interactions into a Podcast where people can hear about other local artist and content creator from around Sonoma County and get inspired to create.

Thank you for your time.

Meets will be scheduled Thursdays @3pm at Acre Coffee on 4th street, Santa Rosa.

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