Tues Volleyball, West Beach + Taco Tuesdays (Optional)

Santa Barbara Beach Volleyball (SBBV)
Santa Barbara Beach Volleyball (SBBV)
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We're in Spring, more frequent playable days, better weather, daylight, longer hours and larger player turnout

Recreational & Beginner members will hold their own (3v3, 4v4) courts, while Intermediate & Advanced players hold other (2v2) courts.

If you're new to the group PLEASE RSVP so that we know that you're coming. Our regular members already know the routine well and therefore they don't usually RSVP. They just arrive and leave at will. First to arrive, grab a court, practice on it or leave your ball inside (If you have one) the court to secure it. Post a message of your arrival and court number. Some members do arrive and start earlier, others will arrive after work and class as the afternoon progresses.

Keep in contact with any informative incoming messages from players on the Meetup mobile app or on our SBBV WhatsApp messaging group as the kickoff time draws near. (Let me know if you wish to be added and plan to be a frequent player, as this Whatsapp group will be very useful)

Bring your shades, adequate water, friends and guests. Arrive at will, leave at will.

Free 90min parking along the beach and side streets before 6pm, and free after 6pm. So technically you should be good from 4:30pm on-wards

Greg, Co-Organizer
(Always feel free to contact me)