What we're about

## Quick Links

- Website: https://hathor.network/
- GitHub: http://github.com/HathorNetwork/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/HathorNetwork/
- Desktop Wallet: https://github.com/HathorNetwork/hathor-wallet/releases
- Mobile Wallet:
- Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=network.hathor.wallet
- iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hathor-wallet/id1465041963?ls=1

## TL;DR

Hathor solves the problems of scalability and decentralization in distributed ledgers by including a chain of mined blocks inside a DAG of transactions. The blockchain ensures security when the number of transactions per second is small, whereas the DAG prevails when the number increases significantly.

We've added support for **custom tokens** natively in the platform. They can be created with just a few clicks (in our wallet) - no complex smart contract needed. Coupled with Hathor's high scalability, this means no more bottlenecks when cryptokitties become cool again.

Also, **decentralization** is key to our network. There're no masternodes, coordinators or anything like that. Just good old fashioned PoW and a DAG of transactions for enhanced **scalability**.

## Public Testnet

Our testnet has been launched, and you can install our Wallet for Desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS) and Mobile (iOS and Android). Just share your address here that we will send you a few Hathor tokens (HTR). For further information, [check our website]( https://hathor.network/ ).

After you receive a few HTR, you can create your own Custom Token with just one click. Share your token's configuration string with your friends, and they will be able to send and receive your custom tokens as well.

## 100% Novel Architecture

Scalability has been pointed as the biggest growing pain among different distributed ledger networks, from the public blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum to the tangle in IOTA.

We have a novel architecture with source-code developed totally from scratch, using both DAG and blockchain technologies intertwined in our ledger.

As in IOTA, new transactions confirm previous ones, forming a DAG. Each transaction has an _accumulated weight_ which expresses the amount of work that has been done to confirm it. The higher it is, the harder it becomes to reverse the transaction. Once it reaches a specific threshold, transactions can be safely considered irreversible. This is similar to Bitcoin's 6-block rule.

Miners find new blocks which form a blockchain inside the DAG. It ensures security when the number of transactions per second is small. Blocks collect newly-generated tokens and confirm all the previous transactions in the DAG.

## Website

We've just published a new website in https://hathor.network/ . It is still under construction, and we appreciate your feedback. We will start posting updates in our Twitter account.

## Development

Thanks to the academic research conducted by Dr. Marcelo Brogliato and published as part of his Ph.D. thesis, we have a detailed analysis of Hathor’s behavior through simulations. The primary result is that it works correctly under any number of transactions per second. The higher the number of transactions per second, the faster new transactions are confirmed. Of course, the limitations are in the CPU, Memory, Storage, and Bandwidth.

Hathor is the direct result of 7+ years of research from its founding members, throughout which they have been stress-testing its assumptions and alpha versions. We are committed to creating an open development ecosystem that welcomes and rewards with Hathor's native tokens any participant who wants to work for the protocol and for the community themselves.

## Advanced Features

Hathor may be used as a general consensus platform. Our transactions are very similar to Bitcoin's, so the most basic use case is token exchange.

However, we've decided to add advanced features on Hathor from the beginning, which are much demanded by the crypto community and industry.

### Custom Tokens

You can create your own digital token with customized specifications on Hathor Network with only a few clicks. They will fully work under the same technical assumptions of high scalability and decentralized consensus of our native HTRs tokens. This means no extra resources are used when processing token transactions and all the features available to HTRs are also available to custom tokens.

These tokens will always work independently of the price of 1 HTR and they can serve multiple purposes: Financial participation in a company ("stock"), mileage or loyalty points of a specific store or network, votes, ownership of digital goods such as website domain names, etc.

### Nano Contracts

A simplified version of Smart Contracts, in which two or more people transfer their funds to a special transaction through Hathor Network, called a Nano Contract, which is set to be resolved later. A contract is simply a set of rules applied to decide the final distribution of the funds, i.e., how many tokens each participant of the contract will receive.

Another important concept in Nano Contracts are the Oracles. These are agents that submit pieces of information from the real world (outside the network) into the network. These pieces of information will be used to complete a Nano Contract and distribute the funds to its participants accordingly.

Through Nano Contracts and Oracles, people will be able to bet and hedge risks on the outcome of anything and there are many different use cases, from financial markets to online gaming.

Upcoming events (1)

Hathor Network: blockchain escalável para tokenização

Este encontro é para anunciar o lançamento da Hathor Network, um blockchain público e escalável para tokenização. Vamos discutir o que é, onde se encaixa no atual ecossistema de criptomoedas e porque nossa plataforma pode vencer nossos concorrentes e crescer rapidamente. Durante o meetup será criado um Token ao vivo e realizado o airdrop para todos os participantes. Agenda: - 19:00 Hathor Network: um blockchain escalável para tokenização - 19:30 Painel com convidados e Q&A - 20:00 Networking + Coffee Break - 21:00 Fim HATHOR NETWORK: Consideramos um erro grave assumir o cenário atual como um limite para a evolução do blockchain. Grandes casos de uso estão prestes a serem descobertos se tiverem a ferramenta certa. A peça que falta para acontecer uma revolução da tokenização é uma plataforma escalável onde qualquer criança de 13 anos de idade pode criar seu próprio token por diversão e lidar com todas as futuras transações. E estamos desenvolvendo esta peça! A tecnologia da Hathor é uma evolução natural da blockchain do Bitcoin. Em vez de organizar as transações em uma "Merkle Tree" dentro dos blocos, organizamos as transações em um DAG - fora dos blocos - e que são confirmados pelos blocos. Nossos blocos são leves e super rápidos para sincronizar na rede p2p, mesmo com milhares de nós. Graças a esse design, podemos escalar para milhares de transações por segundo. Além disso, a Hathor tem potencialmente a mesma segurança que o Bitcoin. É uma criptomoeda com uma estrutura de dados escalável para transações; SatoshiDice é bem vindo aqui. PALESTRANTES: - Marcelo Salhab Brogliato: Fundador e CEO da Hathor Network. - Gabriel Aleixo: Pesquisador Senior do ITS. - Courtnay Guimarães: Pesquisador e doutorando, focado em inteligência artificial e blockchains. LINKS RÁPIDOS: Website: https://hathor.network/ GitHub: http://github.com/HathorNetwork/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HathorNetwork/ Desktop Wallet: https://github.com/HathorNetwork/hathor-wallet/releases Mobile Wallet: - Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=network.hathor.wallet - iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hathor-wallet/id1465041963 ** Este meetup é um conjunto de ações que a Hathor Labs irá realizar ao redor do mundo para promover a plataforma. **

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