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There certainly has been no shortage of misinformation presented on both sides of this debate. According to Al Gore's original consensus, we should all either be underwater, or on the verge of extinction from the heat. He has become the face of the movement, but still lives in a mansion which consumes more energy than a dozen small homes.
Our other big spokesperson, Leanardo DiCaprio, flies to the climate summits in a personal jet. Clearly, he's worried about his own impact.
On the other side, you have those who are in complete denial of any change at all. All you have to do is read any book on geological history and you will find insurmountable evidence of the continual change of the earth's climate. And logic tells us, you cannot have hundreds of millions of vehicles spewing burned fuel into the air without an effect of some kind. Add to that, the factories that produce the things allowing our way of life, the agricultural system that feeds us, and possibly even worse, the hundreds of millions of flights taken each year in our upper atmosphere.
The mainstream solution seems to be about setting up a carbon credit system that would charge a tax for usage. Is it just me, or does that not seem like a solution at all, but more like a profiteering enterprise? Who is going to be the first to move into a tiny home, to stop driving their car, to live without air conditioning, to stop buying unnecessary products?
Let's face it folks, this long espoused paradigm of continual growth is not working. It is not sustainable. What could be wrong with a stable GDP lifestyle? One that doesn't need to grow.
The recent riots in France are a reality check for those thinking we should not have refused to sign the Paris climate agreement. Sadly, it is as usual, those who can least afford the consequences suffer the most.
I remember a time when overpopulation was the ticking time bomb we were being warned about, which from my perspective has come to fruition, being the significant cause of so many of today's issues. Why do you hear virtually nothing about it now?
Anyhow, climate change. What can really be done about it, and how could those changes take place? If a carbon credit is the powers that be's best solution, I think we are in trouble.
As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

See you there.