What we're about

Hello everyone.
Please excuse me, as my Japanese is not that good. But I'll do my best.

Do you like anime and manga?


I moved to Sapporo in October of 2018. I'm originally from Canada. I'm a fan of a lot of different animes. Because my Japanese isn't good, it's been hard for me to meet anime fans in person.

I'm sure some of you that have moved to Sapporo and are looking for a similar club to join. But maybe the language barrier is making it difficult or maybe you just don't know anybody in this snowy city. I want to make it easier for all of us.


I want to create an anime club in Sapporo for Japanese and foreign fans living in Sapporo.


The anime we watch will have English captioning. The voice acting will be in Japanese. I'll be using Crunchy and Netflix for anime viewing.

Japanese and English speakers are welcome as long as you are courteous, respectful and polite.

Right now, the venue would be in a private home near Shin Sapporo/ Hibarigaoka Station. Space would be limited and would be held on some Saturdays.

質問があったら、meetup メル使て下さい。答えは英語です。

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me through meetup. The answers will be replied to in English.

To cover the costs of running the meetup (not for profit), admission may be charged in the future.


Future Plans:

I would like to try to organize a trip out to Toyako Onsen as well for the TMAF. Toyako Manga Anime Fest, which is a festival that has about 30,000 people each year and had about 1,600 cosplayers.

Go and check out Comitia in Sapporo and see what the independent creators' scene is like.

If we get enough people, I would love to be able to book Professor Takayoshi Yamamura from Hokkaido University to talk about anime and pop culture and its influence in Japanese tourism.

Upcoming events (2)

TMAF (Toyako Manga Anime Festa) Toyakoマンガ・アニメフェスタ

The Toyako Manga Anime Festa is Hokkaido's largest anime/manga/cosplay event! With over 1600 cosplayers attending last year, and with 30,000 visitors in a town of 9,000 is nothing short of spectacular. You can check out about how to book hotels at this site. (Japanese required). http://tmaf.toyako-prj.net/info/864.html I wish I could help with translation, but my Japanese isn't great. https://www.facebook.com/ToyakoMangaAnimeFesta/


Sapporo Convention Centre

北海道Comitita is an independent manga creator convention. The admission is the price of the catalogue which is 700 yen. It's my first time there, so I'm not sure how the event is like. So if you have any info that would be great. For information in Japanese please check out this site: http://elysian.dojin.com/h-comitia/index.html

Past events (1)

Sapporo x Cosplay x Market - Satsukoma!

札幌文化芸術交流センター SCARTS / 札幌市民交流プラザ

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