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This group has been created for those interested in empowering themselves through a better understanding of their spirituality. My mission in life is to assist you on your personal Spiritual Journey - this Meetup Group is one way I can share my experiences with you.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring together:

• Creating change in your life in a CONSCIOUS manner, making choices for your Highest Good and eliminating that which no longer serves you.

• The impact of past lives, karmic entanglements and Soul Contracts on your present life

• Energy Healing, Balancing your Chakras, using Crystals

• The teachings of the Ascended Masters, particularly Saint Germain

• How the Violet Flame can transform YOUR life

• The Law of Attraction and Manifesting

• Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides

• Developing your intuitive talents

Through classes, special events, private sessions and discussion we can share our knowledge and grow together!

I look forward to Meet Ups with you!


Upcoming events (2)

SarahSpiritual Online Spiritual Boot Camp

Online event

Are you feeling out of spiritual shape? Is your overactive mind giving you spiritual fatigue? Do want to develop balance and strengthen your core? Do you want to create confidence in your Decision making process? Are you ready to build your spiritual stamina? Let’s WORK OUT To take the work out of your Spiritual Connection! Let GO of the PHYSICAL CONDITION and get into the flow! Stay connected with your inner knowing and Strengthen your spiritual awareness. Join our four week LIVE ONLINE SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP This important Program will assist you in tying up “loose ends” so you perfect what you’d like to accomplish in Spiritual Connectivity! In SarahSpiritual’s Spiritual Boot Camp we’ll be covering… ~ Improving your skills in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and your other “sentients” ~ Developing your Automatic Writing abilities ~ Bridging a strong connection to Spirit Guides ~ Fine-tuning your conversations with your Angels ~ Connecting with Loved Ones SARAHSPIRITUAL SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP SESSIONS The Boot Camp will be LIVE ONLINE Only SESSION 1: STRETCH Tuesday June 9; 7:30 PM Let’s stretch beyond our limits for a clear connection. Detox and remove kinks in communication. Understand the way Spirit communicates. WARM UP your Spiritual five senses: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairolfactus, Clairgustance and Clairsentience. Identify your key sentience and learn to develop the others through exercises in each of the sessions SESSION 2: STRENGTHEN AND DEVELOP Tuesday, June 16; 7:20 PM Strengthen your ways of communication. Identify your best communication style. Receiving & validating evidence from Spirit and your Guides is key to growing your skill as a Medium. Build a relationship with your Guides, learning how to request, recognize and interpret messages and evidence from them. Build a bridge of communication to your Loved Ones. SESSION 3 EXERCISE DISCIPLINES Tuesday, June 23: 7:30 PM We will delve into the details of auras: sizes, colors, how to extend yours and read others’. Next we’ll look at Automatic Writing – what messages will Spirit and your Guides give to you? Lastly, we’ll discuss Remote Viewing, the ability to see people, places and things that are remote in time and space. SESSION 4: SPIRIT MARATHON Tuesday, June 30; 7:30 PM This session will include experiential exercises of all the skills you’ve learned during the Boot Camp. We will deepen our connections with Spirit, our Guides and loved ones, sharing received evidence. We’ll test our Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and other sentient skills Plus, we’ll investigate psychometry – the psychic ability in which one senses or “reads” the history of an object by touching it. We’ll close the Boot Camp by discussing our experiences as a group. A Unique Opportunity to Study w/ SarahSpiritual! YOU WILL RECEIVE… ~ 8 HOURS of LIVE Group Training w/SarahSpiritual ~ The Boot Camp will be LIVE ONLINE ONLY! Participate FULLY no matter where you are! ~ Never worry about missing a class! Replay class video & audio! THIS SERIES WILL BE STREAMED LIVE ONLINE! ATTEND FROM ANYWHERE! Limited spots available Your investment in your spiritual growth in Spiritual Boot Camp is only $144! Prefer multiple installments? Choose 2 payments of $72 each below. CLICK BELOW FOR ONE INSTALLMENT OF $144 https://tinyurl.com/SBC-1Inst-PP CLICK BELOW FOR TWO INSTALLMENTS OF $72 https://tinyurl.com/SBC-2-Inst-PP Payments made to PayPal. 2nd installment paid 2 weeks after 1st Installment

ONLINE SarahSpiritual Class - Love's Power to Create & Heal

Needs a location

SarahSpiritual - Love's Power to Create & Heal Thursday, June 11; 7:30 PM; $11 7:15 PM Registration / 7:30 PM Class Start This Class will be VIDEO-Conferenced LIVE ONLINE ONLY! Join us for this Specially Priced class! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER https://tinyurl.com/SS-Loves-Power ARE YOU READY TO HEAL... Remove the blocks limiting your LOVE ENERGY? Ready to align with your true divine potential? Are you ready to forgive yourself & others? Are you open to allowing the God Love Force to flow to you and through you? Would you love to be a Master Manifestor and awaken Divine Power to create? Can you release the past roles you've played in your life story? Are you ready to embrace a NEW story? Are you open to create a love partnership with a vibrational love match - a Divine Union? Would you love to strengthen your connection with your current partner, family & friends? Then join ME for this powerful transformational & experiental class Today is the day you choose UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE and begin to CREATE the life YOU'LL LOVE TO LIVE! LOVE is the most powerful Magic in the Universe: Love is the Energy which governs the Universe and is the strongest energetic force. *** THIS CLASS WILL INCLUDE *** *** A POWERFUL MEDITATION *** SPECIAL PRICING! ATTEND FOR ONLY $11!! THIS CLASS WILL BE VIDEO CONFERENCED LIVE ONLINE WITH FULL LIVE CLASS PARTICIPATION Phone teleconferencing also available. ATTEND FROM ANYWHERE! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER https://tinyurl.com/SS-Loves-Power

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