What we're about

Welcome to the SarahSpiritual "Vibe Tribe!" This group has been created for those interested in empowering themselves through a better understanding of their spirituality. My mission in life is to assist you on your personal Spiritual Journey through personal sessions, healing services, classes, meditations, & lectures. Not local to West Palm Beach FL? That is OK! Our community is GLOBAL as all classes are online! (unless otherwise specified)

Here are just some of the topics we’ll be exploring together through various classes, live streams, and radio shows:

• Creating change in your life in a CONSCIOUS manner, making choices for your Highest Good and eliminating that which no longer serves you.

• The impact of past lives, karmic entanglements and Soul Contracts on your present life

• Energy Healing, Balancing your Chakras, using Crystals

• The teachings of the Ascended Masters, particularly Saint Germain

• How the Violet Flame can transform YOUR life

• The Law of Attraction and Manifesting

• Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides

• Developing your intuitive talents

Interested in learning something else? Send me a message & let me know how I Can assist you in your path! Let's share our knowledge and grow together! I look forward to connecting with YOU!


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