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Sarasota 40's & 50's Beach + Activities
Join us for Beach Volley Ball and Fun Activities here in Sarasota.

To become a 40’s, 50’s + member, please read this:

- We ask you to post a recognizable photo of yourself on your Member Profile, and please answer each question on the Member Profile as per instructions.
- 40’s, 50’s will notify you only if your membership has been approved. We like to limit our group to a maximum 500 members. Please understand that not all membership requests are approved.
- Any member can be removed at the discretion of the Group Organizer(s). Annually, 40’s, 50’s memberships are reviewed for participation, and inactive memberships can be closed (this includes multiple No-Shows).
- NO SHOW RULES: If you RSVP to an event and cannot make it, all we ask is the you update your RSVP. If you sign up for an event and do not show up (without informing the organizer) 3 times, you will be removed from the group. The organizer reserves the right to remove a member earlier if he believes it to be necessary.
- Our Meetup does not charge a membership fee. But we welcome volunteers to Host or Co-Host group events.

Please try and RSVP yes or no to all events so we know you are still interested in group.

PLEASE NOTE: 40’s, 50’s online site and its events are administered and coordinated by VOLUNTEER organizers and event hosts. Please understand that not all membership requests will be approved. By joining the 40’, 50’s group, and/or by participating in activities, members and their guests understand and agree: that their participation is voluntary and for adults only; that they assume all risk and are fully responsible for their actions, for their transportation, for prompt payment of their event/meal related charges and try and be punctual; that this group is NOT a singles/dating group (we would like to have a balance of couples and singles), NOT a religious/political/protest venue, NOT open to product/business solicitation at activities or through our Meetup website; that any member may be removed from this group at the discretion of the Group Organizer(s).

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