• Foodshed Collaboration 2
    We will hold our second meeting on foodshed design for the Tampa Bay area on Dec 9 from 1-5 PM, location TBA. We will focus on taking what we accomplished at the first meeting to the next level. We would love to hear from anybody interested in promoting, enhancing and expanding the local foodshed in Tampa Bay as to what goals you would like to see us accomplish as a community, what concerns you have in regard to foodshed matters, and anything else you'd like to share with us. Hope to see you there!

    Needs a location

  • Urban Permaculture Design Course
    This is Grow Permaculture’s 22nd internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course, based on Bill Mollison’s work. This course will unfold on the first weekend of each month over six months, Jan 5 through June 2, held at Moccasin Lake Nature Preserve in Clearwater, FL and other nearby locations. Carpools and housing may be available if you are coming from other parts of Florida, please check with us. By cooperating with nature and her energies, we are able to design our lives, from backyard gardens and food forests to neighborhoods, farms or even cities to be more abundant, more sustainable, healthier, and more enjoyable. It is a cutting edge approach to living that helps both people and the environment. This course is life changing for many people. The course is designed to offer multiple opportunities including career mentoring and pathways, community building opportunities, resource networking, and skill building. It is extended over five months to give students maximum time to absorb the information and put it into practice. This schedule also allows people with busy schedules to take the course. It is also possible to make up classes if one cannot make every weekend. The course will meet the first weekend of every month. There are volumes of material on permaculture on the internet. Our course offers focused and relevant written material, hands on practice, and interactive learning that will aid students to master key concepts. Materials are designed to guide students in continuing their education after the course, and we also offer apprenticeship opportunities. Instructors are veteran, professional designers and educators who have a wide range of on-the-ground design experience; this experience can help you shorten your learning curve, time, and expense significantly. Instructors: Koreen Brennan, others to be announced. We continue to refine and expand our curriculum based on feedback from dozens of students regarding what helps them learn best. We incorporate multiple learning styles including hands on, visual aids, immersion, lecture, interaction, and more. Our choice of materials, videos, expert speakers, field trips, focused hands on activities (that give you step by step useful skill sets), Florida-specific information, written materials, networking and career opportunities, and design tools are the result of this feedback. We live in this community and care about its future and we continue to work with graduates in the community to create something better, together. Homes, work places, gardens, farms, ranches, communities, businesses, local economies, or cities that are designed with permaculture principles and techniques are more resilient; they use resources in a regenerative way, ensuring that we, our children and our grandchildren will have access to all the resources we need. By incorporating people care into the equation, this process becomes deeply enjoyable too. Some of the subjects covered include: Permaculture design ethics and principles. Creating abundance with natural patterns. Nutrient dense "beyond organic" gardening and farming. Grow more food with less work by working with nature. Edible landscaping, food in small spaces. Building rich, live soils. Designing sustainable water use. Greywater and rainwater catchment. Building food forests. Agroforestry and ecoagriculture, regenerative farming. Aquaculture. Composting and vermicomposting. Alternative pest management. Natural building, regenerative building technology. Reducing energy costs in your home. Best forms of sustainable energy. Appropriate technology. Boosting your career with permaculture. Sustainable economics. Increasing quality of life through “placemaking” design. Community revitalization and rebuilding. Successful intentional communities, ecovillages and cohousing, urban and rural. Price: $1,100 For full details and to register for the course go to https://growpermaculture.com/177-urban-permaculture-design-course-2019.

    Moccasin Lake Nature Park

    2759 Park Trail Lane. · Clearwater, FL

  • Intensive Permaculture Design Course
    Our spring Intensive Permaculture Design Course will be held April 16-28, 2019 (You will be off Easter Sunday.) It is our 24th design course. This is an intensive two week course held at our permaculture farm 1 hour north of Tampa. Students will have the opportunity to participate with and observe permaculture systems installation and operate in an immersive environment, including appropriate tech, innovative greenhouse solutions, perennial food systems, animals, solar and more. This is a small, diverse farm with many different elements and examples of permaculture that can be translated to a wide variety of settings, urban or rural. The course will address strategies and techniques for both urban and rural areas in different climates and circumstances. We will be midst setting up new food production systems and water catchment systems during the course (with our staff and volunteer crew) and students will have the opportunity for daily hands on involvement with a number of farm tasks and ongoing installations. Instructors: Koreen Brennan, Steve Szmidt others TBA. Location: Our Permaculture Farm 11251 Salina St Brooksville, FL 34614 Apprenticeship opportunities will be available after the training, for those who would like to delve more deeply into applying what they’ve learned. For people who may have difficulty spending all 13 days on the design course, we have options to let you catch up on some days. Note the class runs between 9am and 5pm so you can commute if you are not too far away. Typical travel time from St Petersburg is about 75 minutes up 275 and then either 589 or 75. Tampa is similar and of course traffic may extend the drive time. It's about 90 minutes from Orlando. By cooperating with nature and her energies, we are able to design human systems, from backyards to neighborhoods, farms or even cities to be more abundant, more long lasting, more ethical, healthier for all life in the system, and more enjoyable. Permaculture is a cutting edge approach to living that helps both people and the environment. The training is designed to offer multiple opportunities including career mentoring and pathways, community building opportunities, resource networking, skill building, as well as what is for many, a life changing experience. We will offer written materials and study aids and exercises before the course and urge students to use them, as you will get much more out of the course. This course exceeds the requirements laid out by permaculture founder Bill Mollison for the internationally recognized 72 hour Permaculture Design Course. The training provides a deep and wide overview of permaculture design, focusing on skill sets you can apply immediately. It is a thorough introduction to a subject that has many levels and areas of expertise and professional practice. Further study is available through our apprenticeship programs and advanced study. Early bird course fee of $995 is available until Dec 1, 2019. The full rate is $1,395. This fee covers all costs, including materials, three healthy meals per day and a place to pitch your tent. Our courses are an investment in yourself and your future - you will make and save far more than the course cost, to the degree you use the information in the course. A non refundable deposit of $400 will hold your spot. Please have your full payment in no later than March 1. Family discount of 50% off is available for partner or family member. To register for the course go to https://growpermaculture.com/187-intensive-permaculture-design-course, which also has additional information. For questions or to register outside of PayPal, contact Steve at:[masked] or [masked]. Camping is available on the farm if you bring your own tent or camper. An RV spot may be available, we only offer electric hookup, you need a 50' extension cord. On occasion a room is available in the house. Motels are nearby as are usually Air B&B.

    Our Permaculture Farm

    11251 Salina St · Brooksville, FL