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We believe a group of like-minded people is better able to combine skills and ideas, and be much more prepared than any one individual working alone. Our goal is to build a strong community of family connections. Setting up a network, teaching and helping each other, and inspiring confidence and self-reliance when no other assistance is available are the initial goals of this group. Let's work together to provide our own safety net for ourselves and our families.

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Group Archery Lessons and Skills Practice

Sarasota Archery Club

NOTE for First-Timers and Non-Members: Fee of $5 required by Sarasota Archery Club for those who are not members of the Club.

Beginners, along with archers who are first-timers to our regular Thursday event, will receive instruction and/or range orientation and you can start shooting right away. Recurve, long bow, and compound bows are all available for your use! But if you have any of your own personal equipment, such as gloves, arm guards, etc., you're encouraged to bring them.

Join us - rain or shine - as we'll learn in a lighted, covered outdoor facility. Club president and Olympic archery coach Bob Bouchard will provide all equipment and instruction. If you have a bow and are wondering if it's right for you, bring it along to get it checked out.

Simply bring yourself, water, and bug spray, as there could be mosquitoes. Be sure to RSVP, and change it later if you can't attend.

See you there!

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Group Archery Lessons and Skills Practice

Sarasota Archery Club

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