What we're about

We are a mixed group of English and Spanish speakers interested in improving our conversational skills. We are very informal and relaxed and always welcome new members! It's a social group and not a class - just friends helping friends. (And, of course, if you are a native Spanish speaker who is willing to help us Gringos learn, well..... we really need you to join.)

We normally meet several times per week: we rotate between various downtown Sarasota cafés/restaurants. We also have "paid", limited attendance, tutoring sessions ($5 - $10 to the Tutor and the location venue). You are welcome and encouraged to find Study Buddies and meet on your own time.

We also organize other activities related to Hispanic cultures, ranging from salsa dance classes and Spanish-language movies to all types of cultural events. There may even be some travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

We don't have a lot of rules, but we do have a few.

1. Any Member can post an Event, but, you must attend your events (Event Manager) and write and update a description, choose the location, set the limits and cancel it if necessary.

2. RSVP Please! We strongly encourage you to RSVP (and un-rsvp). In some cases where seating is limited, it is mandatory. This is how we measure our success, and communicate with each other, and.... it is our 'appearance' to people looking to join.

3. Spend Money at the restaurants! It is difficult to find good locations and we need to be as generous with them and they are with us!

4. Not a School. Please note we are not a school (you need some basic knowledge of Spanish or English) and not all Meetups are suitable for all members.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Upcoming events (5+)

Saturday Conversation with Faly From Spain, $10 Must RSVP!

Lucky's Market


This is a class designed for people with an intermediate level of Spanish. This is not a class for beginners. You will enjoy the opportunity to practice your Spanish in a very social non threatning environment . The class will be in Spanish, and everyone will have the opportunity to speak this beautiful language. You will improve at your own pace depending on the amount of work you put in. We get together to have fun! Please, You must RSVP because seats are limited, and as a favor to everyone change your RSVP if you change your mind. ************************************************************************** Faly is from Sevilla, Spain. She has a Permanent teaching certification from the state of Ohio and Florida. She has 28 years of teaching all levels of Spanish at high school and university. She is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing her love of Spanish. She goes to Spain often to visit her family in Sevilla.

Los domingos, solamente se habla español. NO FEE, pero por favor RSVP

We are a friendly group of people who started this group to practice Spanish in a conversational setting. There are different levels of proficiency but all of the members are at least beyond the beginner level and some are quite proficient. (¿Eres un hablante nativo de español? ¡Nos encantaría que asistieras!) We plan various activities for each week, including conversation, music and singing, games, and reading/lessons. Bring us your ideas! Please RSVP. and, please spend some money with our host restaurant (They opened in Sunday at 2pm just for us)

Impromptu Pre Grammar Class Study Session

Lucky's Market

This group is an informal study group. We will primarily (but not solely) practice the topics tackled during the grammar class with Faly. Please join us to practice what we are learning in class in order to reinforce, clarify, and solidify the topic. **We will meet in the cafe in front of the store (or outside if it warms up)**

Focus on special Spanish grammar topics . $10. Must RSVP

This class is about reviewing the different grammar topics. The topic will be explained, and students will do oral as well as written practice as needed. The first time you sign for the class, you will need to email faly at [masked] from your personal email so that I can send you a document to print before the class. Some more difficult topics may need be covered with more than one class. Please, if you change your mind after you RSVP, be courteous and change your RSVP so that other students will get in. Faly is originally from Sevilla, Spain. She has a Permanent teaching certification from both the State of Ohio and Florida, and 28 years of teaching all levels of Spanish, both and High School in University. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about Languages and sharing her love of Spanish

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Thursday Conversation with Faly From Spain, $10 Must RSVP!

Lucky's Market


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