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    Hi, I'm Tom. I taught myself Spanish while riding my bike (I'm a multi-tasker.....). Trying to get myself "over the hump" so that I feel somewhat fluent (before I die at least!)
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    Hola! My name is Faly and I am from Sevilla, Spain. I taught all levels of Spanish in a public high school for 28 years, and at the University of Akron and Kent State for 2 years . I am looking forward to helping you learn or improve your Spanish.
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    Hi, my name is Lisa. I'm an elementary school teacher and a former newspaper designer. I'm interested in learning Spanish so I can understand and communicate with my Spanish-speaking students and their parents.
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    I'm learning Spanish just because, and this Meetup is definitely helping me make progress!
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    Wow! I can't believe I've been in Sarasota for almost four years. This is my year to finally learn this language!
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    I am originally from NY ; I enjoy living in Sarasota.
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    Hello, I've been learning Spanish for several years now - mostly in Spain since I've been living in Germany - but I still need a lot of practice! I'm looking forward to meeting all the new group members and having some fun conversations.
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    My name is Linda and i live with my husband and son in Sarasota. I am a speech pathologist with P-ESL certification in accent modification. I am also employed in an elementary school and in a rehabilitation hospital.
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    I'm passionate about the Latin cultures (especially the Latin music, dancing, and food). I also need Spanish for my job.
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    Hola "Se Habla Espanol" Group, Curt here. Curt@ SkaneatelesSuites.com or (315)-729- 0864 Quiero aprender hablar espanol para no buen razon. Simplimente porque. I am a guy who always wanted to speak a second language. No reason, I just want to.
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    Hi :) I have taken some classes in Spanish and can read it pretty well. I'm looking forward to the day I am more comfortable speaking it. I hope someday to live a few months in a Spanish speaking country and fully immerse with the people & culture