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Five years ago my family started our health journey of cleaning up our diet and adding more Whole Foods. Today not only are we are gluten free and dairy free and mainly plant-based, but we are the healthiest we have ever been!

People always ask how “hard” it was to get my little ones to eat plant-based ( now ages 7 and 3), and I wanted to start this group to help other moms out there know that it’s
not as hard as it may seem!

In our family and in our circle of friends ( or what we call “moms on a mission”), we make meal time fun! And meal prepping doesn’t have to be a pain in the a$$ either! Not to mention that meals don’t have to taste bland or boring the way we do it through our cookbooks and events!

You can find us hosting potlucks, saladjar parties, sangria Sunday’s, and wellness Wednesday’s just to name a few!!

And although we might be Moms- you don’t have to be one to want to take that first step towards a healthier diet and lifestyle! All are welcome to join, and I always say bring some friends because the more the merrier!

If you’re looking to find like-minded health and food conscious people, private message me and I can add you to our local FB events too!

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