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Fellow Sarasota WordPress Enthusiasts,

After tip-toeing in here and introducing myself, the response was “crickets”.

That prompted me to dust off an old domain and started putting down some ideas and concepts:

Creating with WordPress Sarasota (https://www.wpart.net/creating-with-wordpress-sarasota/)

Then other name ideas came up:

Sarasota WordPress Community
Sarasota WordPress Enthusiasts

What is the purpose of this group? Who should join? Why?

Read some preliminary answers here (https://www.wpart.net/sarasota-wordpress-community/)

As a basic consideration, this seems important:

The group should encourage self-directed study for beginners
More advanced users are invited to teach and tutor those requiring guidance
Allow for the organic formation of subgroups, composed of those with similar levels of proficiency

To be continued ….

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