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LOOK! A Saratoga Networking MeetUp actually IN Saratoga for once!

Get here anytime after 9:30AM to mix and mingle and to get introductions out of the way so that 10:00-11:30PM can be solid masterminding.

Not to be confused with speed dating or speed networking where you are dealing with one person at a time.

Speed Masterminding involves you spending some time on the "Hotseat" asking for help, ideas, referrals, suggestions etc. that would improve your business.

The other people in the group will be focused on only you and your concerns for that period of time. The amount of time you spend on the hotseat will depend the on the number of people who attend.

We all have different perspectives, education, life experiences, contacts etc. and you never know where a great idea/solution will come from.

If you've ever left a networking event feeling like you've wasted your time, THIS is the event for you.

For your HOTSEAT bring anything that might be helpful to the group for giving you their ideas...examples of your advertising...product samples if that makes sense etc.

Please come ready to provide ideas and support to others who are attending. You WILL get ideas you can use when other people are on the HOTSEAT so be prepared to take notes.

Please don't RSVP if you can't make it. And if your status changes, please change your RSVP, ASAP.

Here's some feedback from a recent Speed Masterminding session...

"The meeting was a perfect mix of people and the ideas I received were invaluable. I can't wait to try some of the ideas right away. Some I had been thinking of but other people saying them was a confirmation and boost to the validity of them. I think the meeting for me came at the perfect time and I appreciate your facilitation of the event. "

Did you see that word? INVALUABLE! How many meetups have you been to that were invaluable?

extremely useful; indispensable.

What are you waiting for?

You read all the way down here.

Click that ARE YOU GOING? Check Mark and show up!