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I created this group because although the early adult years are a tough time for everybody, they are especially tough for young people on the autism spectrum due to our additional challenges. The purpose of this group is to provide young people with high functioning autism a place to unite, feel safe and comfortable, share experiences and challenges, and also share unique interests, gifts, and insights. From my experience as someone with Asperger syndrome, I know that it presents some very significant challenges when it comes to making friends, navigating and finding your place in the world, and just feeling like you belong. Also, I feel like people on the spectrum are often misunderstood by people at large as being odd or not being as smart, which is hurtful. Together we can discuss and find ways to disprove these stereotypes and show that people on the spectrum have many gifts. I know that feeling different is very lonely and painful, and hope that this group will give young people on the spectrum an opportunity to meet friends with similar challenges and for all of us to discover that we are not alone. Also, since the 20's are a time of lots of life changes which can be especially challenging for people on the spectrum, we have that to discuss too. If you are a young person on the spectrum who is shy, lonely, and uncertain about the future but also bright and has hobbies/interests/talents to share, then this is the group for you!

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