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Topic: Demons and dark deities (NYC Satanists, Luciferians, LHPers, etc.)

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At this meeting, we will each share information about the particular demons and/or dark deities that we personally work with, or that are otherwise most meaningful to us.

This meeting is our regular monthly dinner gathering in Manhattan, for Satanists, Luciferians, "Dark" Pagans, and "Left Hand Path" occultists of all law-abiding kinds, plus open-minded people interested in learning about the many forms of Satanism, Luciferianism, "Dark" Paganism, and LHP occultism. (The organizer is a non-LaVeyan theistic Satanist.)

Please plan to arrive before 7:30 PM. The meeting will have the following format:

7:15 to 7:30: Informal socializing. 7:30 to 7:40: Order food. 7:40 to 8:05: Introductions. Tell us a little about your own perspective on Satanism, Luciferianism, "Dark" Paganism, or "Left-Hand-Path" occultism. 8:05 to 8:15: Break. 8:15 to 9:15: Discussion of main topic: Demons and dark deities. 9:15 to 9:25: Break. 9:25 to 10:00: Announcements, discussion of our group's possible future plans, and miscellaneous. 10:00 to 10:15 or later: Informal socializing. We meet at a diner on 34th Street, near 9th Avenue, one block west of Penn Station. (The exact address, and other details, will be visible to you once you join this Meetup group.) The nearest subway stop is 34th Street on the A, C, and E lines (8th Avenue).

We'll be at a table in the BACK part of the diner. Please ask a waiter about "Diane Vera's meetup." At least one or two of us, though probably not most of us, will be wearing black shirts and/or point-down pentagram pendants of some kind. (If you arrive early and are the first to arrive, please have a seat in the BACK part of the diner and let the waiter know that you are here for "Diane Vera's meetup.")

Newcomers are welcome. Diane Vera, the organizer, will make a point of welcoming all who arrive and encouraging all attendees to tell the rest of us a bit about themselves and their beliefs, to facilitate conversation. Although our meetings are informal, we do aim to have substantive conversation about our beliefs and practices, rather than just random chit chat.

Please plan to spend a minimum of $5 (per person) for food and/or drinks, so that the diner where we meet will continue to welcome our business.

We need you to RSVP here on the Meetup site, so we can know how big a table to ask for. Please RSVP as soon as you can. The more people RSVP early, the bigger and better our meetings will be, because a reasonably large number of early RSVP's will let other visitors to this site know that we are indeed a live group where they will actually meet some people.

Diane Vera, the organizer of this Meetup Group, is also the founder of the local NYC proto-congregation ( of the Church of Azazel ( However, the NYC Satanists discussion group welcomes Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and LHP occultists of all law-abiding kinds, not just prospective Church of Azazel members.)

Diane Vera, the organizer, is a non-LaVeyan theistic Satanist. She maintains a website on theistic Satanism (, including the page Attention, New Yorkers! (for theistic Satanists in and near New York City) (