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The purpose of the group is to bring together those who are interested in becoming enlightened through a range of mindfulness practices and yoga. This group is for any adult, parent, school teacher to learn about different mindfulness practices, access mindfulness coaching and follow a yogic practice to develop mind and body. All skill levels are welcome. A number of online workshops will take place where you can connect with like minded people and further your yoga and mindfulness practice.


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Mindful Mondays Class

Online event


This online class is designed to give an insight into mindfulness and how you can apply it to your life. The format of the session is as follows:

- Starts with a short meditation
- Teaching and discussion on the mindfulness topic
- Ends with short meditation

Love and Kindness Meditation

Online event


Loving kindness meditation is a proven beginner meditation designed to increase benevolence to yourself and those around you. It is a 30 minute guided meditation which includes visualisation practices to open your heart and increase your connectivity with others.

“the morning meditation really helps us start our day on a positive note and helps us to calm our body and mind from all worries or anxiety. after each meditation there is a discussion where everyone discusses about all the thoughts that came to their mind or the problems they face during the meditation and the teacher tries to resolve the issues.”


First Class is free so just sign up on www.satori-yoga.co.uk/book with coupon code FREECLASS or alternatively pay a nominal fee through meet up to join.

Mindful Walking Class (30 mins)

Online event


We all learn how to walk when you are younger and over the years we pick up bad habits which affect our posture and can cause back pain over time. A live guided online 30 minute mindful walking practice designed to remove negative thoughts through shifting the focus into the body as well as improving your posture. Take a break and book this session to boost your mood.


• Theory of mindfulness and how to walk mindfully
• 10 minute guided walking practice
• Discussion on feedback and observations
• Support materials are provided after the class.

Yin Yoga for Office Workers

Online event


This class must be booked and paid for directly on our schedule page. https://www.satori-yoga.co.uk/schedule Please ensure that you are booked on through the main site.

This 30 minute yoga session is designed for office workers to take a break in order to recharge themselves during their working day. It is ideal for beginners and will introduce the practice of yoga in a setting that is the safety of your own home office. To sign up https://www.satori-yoga.co.uk/schedule on tuesday lunchtime.

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Mindful Breathing Class

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