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This group aims to make Satsangs with Satyavan available in Rishikesh. All seekers of Truth are welcome !!

This group is part of a larger project of a group of Seekers of Truth to share with other Seekers of Truth throughout the world the blessing we have been receiving from Satyavan's presence. This project is totally donation-based. You can participate by getting involved in projects and initiatives of the Ashram. May more Souls find Peace, Joy, Truth, Self-Realization.

About Satyavan

For the sincere seekers of Truth, Satyavan is the reference of the Path. A Self-Realized Being, that helps Seekers in to the Realization of Truth. His words are precious for the soul, and have the power to crush all beliefs and ideas that feed our fears. And when He doesn’t speak, His silence is even more revealing: an overflow of love, purity, kindness, serenity. He gives the biggest treasure to the seekers, just depending on each one to be open to receive. To Be in his presence is a blessing for those who are thirsty for understanding. To be with Satyavan is to be closer to Truth.

Additional information

If you have any doubt or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@satyavan.org or using the contact form at www.satyavan.org.

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