Saturday AM Soccer

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• Pinnies will be handed out at 6:55 AM sharp - any pinnies not claimed by RSVP'd members will be handed out to others to fill the spots. As such, you must arrive on time as we will kick off at 7.

• Please be mindful of the RSVP system. If you are on the waitlist or are not RSVP'd, please don't come out. Conversely, if you can no longer make it, please unRSVP so our wait listed members can automatically take your place.

• There is no slide tackling, grabbing of clothing/other players, picking, or dangerous play. Remember that when defending, the object is to get the ball, not the man. So, please keep your arms down, watch your high kicks and stay on your feet. Other than that, feel free to play as hard as you'd like. Violation of this rule will be noted and if the problem reoccurs you will be asked to leave and booted from the Meetup. We all have day jobs, no one can afford an injury.

• We kick in from the sides instead of throw ins. We play corners whenever possible.

• Respect the equipment. We provide the goals and pinnies. All we ask in return is that you obey the rules, respect the equipment and do not break anything. If you charge into the goal and break it, we will hold you liable for its repair or replacement. The same goes for any other equipment. If you kick a wild ball way out of bounds, it is your responsibility to chase and find it. We understand that accidents happen, but please be mindful of this. Also, please clean up your stuff and leave the fields the way we find them.

• We want an atmosphere of fun, friendly competition. We want to make friends and build community, so, it's ok to tell jokes and have a good time, but we're truly out here because we love and want to play soccer. Coaching needs to be in check, some people don't respond well to it. So try to keep your frustrations low and be constructive. If you cause problems for the group with a negative attitude or start fights (verbally or physically) you will be asked to leave.

• When you have received a team assignment, please do not try to change it. This causes confusion and team imbalances.