What we're about

Who should come:

• People who want to code (Primarily in Python, C++, C, but also javascript/CSS/HTML).

About the Organizer
I have been doing python for over 4 years working on my backend skills during my free time with the intention of changing careers into IT. I am now working through the Free Code Camp curriculum to round out my skills with the frontend. If you have trouble getting started then I can help you out.


• Go to the giant flower sculpture.

• Walk toward Garden Tower, between "Garb" restaurant and "Dean & Delucca" coffee.

• Take the escalator up to your right.

• At the top of the escalator, take a left and go into the large, open lobby.

• Take the elevator to the right-hand side of the information desk, past the guardsman.

• Go to the 18th floor, sign in (with the QR code app thing) at the security desk, then walk down to the 17th floor.

• We try to sit at or near the big round table as shown in this group's main page (the main photo), but that's not strict.


• Code! I plan on being there for a 2 to 3 hour block and want to share coding knowledge.

• Network with other coders, IT professionals, etc.

General Plan:

• Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 or 12:00 pm.

• Work on coding problems from leetcode.com and projecteuler.net

Daily Schedule (not strict):

• Spend the first 10 minutes getting everyone setup, coffee, introductions, etc.

• Spend about 5 minutes talking about our own problems to see who can help who.

• After that, just code something.

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Saturday Coding Session


Saturday Coding Session


Saturday Coding Session


Saturday Coding Session


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