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Saatvik is derived from a Sanskrit word “Sattva” which means, anything that is pure, natural, energetic, vital and clean'.

I've always been a firm believer of 'less is more'. And I've extended the same philosophy to my cooking over the years. Using three key ingredients to make a delectable dish is indeed, very possible.

I've been cooking Satvik vegetarian food, taught by my mother, aunts and grandmother for almost three decades now! I do like improvizations and what better to do it with some jazz and local California produce?


We'll cook together with what you have and help your produce last longer, especially in unforeseen times like this.


Every Wednesday, 30 minute slots between 4pm-8pm via zoom. You will have to give me a 24 hours heads-up so I can send you a zoom link and have time ready for you.

We'll have fun creating a tasty and a nourishing meal. We can even pair it with wine that you might have (I can test out my Som skills, as challenging as it might be in this online mode) and hoping I can share with you some new music.

And every Friday, a free Ayurveda class for 30 minutes from a professional who has her own center in India and Singapore practicing for the last 25 years.

You may choose to join either or both of these- to enhance, nourish and cherish.

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