SavH3 Trail #696

Hares: Eggs, Bend, and Your Dick
wHen: Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Meetup 2:00 hares away 2:30.
wHo: hares, virgins, NFHNs, muggles, wHere: Kings Ferry on hwy 17 across from Loves Seafood
wHy: For the shiggy,the alcohol, your inner child, and your innards. How much: $5
Shiggy: 3 or so
wHat to bring: snake repellent, bug spray, an extra liver, virgins to massacre, life vest if you want to swim,
No questions will be accepted without sexual favors attached, or maybe begging....i like begging and sexual favors to Eggs Bend Your Dick at[masked]