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Topics: The Importance of Self Talk and Our Thought Lives

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One of the truest quotes I ever heard was "What you tell yourself is all that matters". We all talk to ourselves, whether it be verbal or in thought form. What we say to ourselves is extremely important. The law of attraction and metaphysics teach us that we literally shape our lives by what we habitually think and say.

We will discuss how to recognize, overcome and replace negative self-talk. We will also explore where negative thoughts come from (often times they are seeded in us when we are open to certain influences) and ways to shield our minds.

Also we'll get into the use of affirmations, positive programing and subliminal tools. Be prepared to learn from others and also share your own useful techniques and successes (but we can grow from failures too :) This is one of my favorite topics and I hope to see you there.

Peace & Love. Fellow Seeker -Javis White