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As a few of you already know, I have chose to cease hosting the Savannah Seeker's Group. I have received some disappointed yet supportive feedback and it is not my intention to just abandon the group that I have grown so found of. One of my favorite teachers often says that sometimes you have to take a step back to make a giant leap ahead. This is indeed what I have to do. My life's goals are to do much more to spread the kind of knowledge that has changed my life in miraculous ways. I love to help others find that same power but I feel that I have been spreading myself too thin lately and losing track of my main objectives.

I have always envisioned a group like this and it will reemerged under the right conditions at the right time. I thank each of you for allowing me to serve you and I value the friendships that I, Tiffany and Kingston have made. It also trills me to see the many friendships and connections that have been made among you all. Everything is for a reason and in it's time. I will still be here, just shifting focus. Feel free to call me, visit or treat me to lunch (just kidding, unless you really want to lol). My love to you all.

Fellow Seeker- Javis White