Price: $5.00 /per person

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Monthly Bunco! We invite everyone back plus new friends to come see what all the fun is about. Cost: $5 per person for game prizes (please bring exact change) Cash or gift Prizes: $20 most bunco, $16 most wins, $10 most losses, $8 travelers, $6 non-winners

What to bring (recommended, not necessary): any appetizer, side dish, dessert or an adult beverage. Please indicate what you are bringing in the comment section so we don't have too much of one thing.

General Instructions Each table's scorekeeper rolls the dice first. One point is awarded for each target number rolled. Rolling three of a kind other than the target number is worth five points. Rolling three target numbers is a "Bunco!" and the player receives 21 points. If the player's roll scores no points, play moves to the left and continues until a team at the "Head" table scores 21 points or gets a "Bunco!" After scores are tallied, players with the highest team score at each table get a "W," or win. Each player on the other team scores an "L" or loss. Winning teams advance to other tables. After four sets of six rounds, each person totals Buncos, wins and losses. It is very simple and a practice round can be done to show new people how to play. You also play in teams some the team member can help coach you along.