• Navigating Well Through Online Dating: Profiles, Messaging, Selection

    Peninsula Park Rose Garden

    These days if you want to start dating, you'll have the most opportunities dating online. But is there like an art to it? How do you create an effective profile? How do you engage in a sincere way and find the others who are genuine in their profiles too? How do you navigate your preferences with a stranger? Can you really tell right away if it's not a fit or do you invest more time to find out? I believe there are more successful ways to approach it so that you can attract a good person and be more likely to spend less time with people who are not realistic options for you. Let's talk about what works and what gets fewer results. We'll make time to get feedback from others on questions you have or tips you'd like on your profile/messaging approach. This month we're taking advantage of the weather and meeting at picnic tables in a park. We'll keep the conversation shorter and socialize afterwards--feel free to bring a Frisbee or whatever games you would want to play. Look forward to seeing you then! If you like, bring a drink or snack to share.