Reactive Streams & Akka HTTP by Mathias Doenitz

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Fyber GmbH

Johannisstrasse 20, 10117 · Berlin

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Showup at reception on the ground floor, they will let you in to the elevators to take to the 2nd floor where Fyber is based. Reception of Fyber on the left as you exit the elevators on the 2nd floor.

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As promised we kick off 2015 with a very exciting talk from the creator of the very successful spray, parboiled2 and pegdown amongst other open source projects. Lately Mathias Doenitz has been busy bringing to life the improved version of akka-http inspired by spray and based on the akka reactive streams. On his tour through different user groups in Europe Mathias makes a stop in Berlin and talks about: Reactive Streams & Akka HTTP

"If you want to provide or consume HTTP-based APIs with Scala (or Java) then this talk is for you: Akka HTTP takes reactive high-performance web interactions to the next level. Fully asynchronous & non-blocking, with a type-safe & powerful declarative API and a proper immutable HTTP model it provides an excellent tool for connecting your Scala/Akka applications to the world.

Among many smaller improvements over its predecessor library , akka-http comes with one major advantage: it is based on a new abstraction called "Reactive Streams” which provides a number of important benefits, not only for working with HTTP.

In this double-feature session we’ll first do a thorough deep-dive into the new Reactive Streams abstraction, the problems it solves and what programming with Reactive Streams looks like.

After a short break we’ll then turn to akka-http, how it is used, what improvements it brings over spray and why you will not want to use anything else after having tried it.

And of course I'll share the latest roadmap up until making akka-http the new "driver" layer for the Play framework."

As usual we assemble at 19:00 hrs and the talk starts at 19:30 hrs.

We are being kindly hosted by Fyber. There will be drinks and eats.