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So you dig IO Monads. All your effects are represented using types via libraries such as ZIO or Cats Effect. Now what? At some time you'll have to unsafeRun your effect. What will happen then?

During this talk, we'll build a minimal effect runtime similar to the one used in ZIO. We'll learn how effects can get executed and how parallelism and concurrency can be implemented using fibers aka green threads.

Simon builds distributed and data-intensive applications. Since 2012 most of these have been written in Scala in the domains of multimedia search, online comparison sites, and risk assessment.
Simon is CTO at Risk42, a fintech startup doing payment risk assessment and consumer credit scoring using machine learning.

== Schedule ==
- 18:30 Get-together, snacks & drinks
- ca. 19:00 - Simon's talk
- afterwards: socialising, more drinks

== Technicalities ==
- The talk will be in English
- Accessibility: The meeting area is accessible by wheelchair (use the elevator)