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Geneva Scala Hackathon

On Thursday, September the Sixteenth we're having our first Scala Hackathon at Hepia salle A102.

Things to do at the Scala Hackathon

We're not using a rigid schedule, but we would like to know what you plan to do at the Hackathon. Please use the comments to let us know. It's totally fine to come up with something on the spot too and you will have a chance to introduce yourself and your project at our stand-up at 19:00.

Work on your own project

So you have this awesome project you've been working on, but you could use some fresh insights, you’re totally stuck with some complex pattern matching logic or can’t decide whether to go with a relational, document or column based database? Team up with other hackers and make awesomeness.

Work on open-source

Every open-source project needs contributors. Found a bug in that lib you use every day? Team up and tackle those GitHub issues. If you don't know where to start, ask more experienced contributors to join.

Help out others

Don't know what to work on? Chances are someone wants to work on any of the above. Help them out with your expertise. A fresh pair of eyes always helps, even if you're a novice Scala developer, and you may learn something from it.


18.30 Introduction

19.00 Stand-up. Introduce yourself and your project

19.15 Subscribe to work on one of the proposed projects

19.30 Start hacking!