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Scala in the City- Weds 23rd of May @ Concentra #4

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Scala in the City will be hosting at Concentra on Wednesday 23rd of May from 6.30pm onwards. This month we are going to have a focus on pure functional Scala.

We will hear from Viktor Lövgren on Replacing Akka Actors with Cats Effect and FS2, Chris Birchall on Massaging case classes with shapeless and Jamie Pullar on Cats MTL in action.

Please RSVP early as we have limited spaces available. There will also be loads of swag so ensure you bring a bag.

Schedule for the evening-

6:30 pm: Doors open, drinks & nibbles

7.00 pm: First talk- Viktor Lövgren, @vlovgr - Software Developer at OVO Energy

Replacing Akka Actors with Cats Effect and FS2

Akka actors can be used to solve many interesting challenges, but also come with a high cost: partial functions, mutability, special messaging syntax, supervision strategies, lifecycle management, actor systems, defining messaging protocols, and so on. In some cases, equivalent functionality can be achieved with concurrency primitives from FS2, with less overhead and improved type safety, immutability, and purity.

In this talk we'll demonstrate how to implement the equivalent of an actor for managing authentication tokens. We'll utilise concurrency primitives from FS2 and type classes from Cats Effect to reach a generic solution which abstracts over the effect type. Finally, we'll refactor our solution into a reusable pattern.

7.20 pm: Second talk- Chris Birchall, @cbirchall -Principal Software Developer at OVO Energy

Massaging case classes with shapeless

Shapeless is a powerful tool for reducing boilerplate in your Scala code, but it can be intimidating at first. I'll give a gentle introduction to some of shapeless's most fundamental tools for generic programming, including HList, Generic and LabelledGeneric, and show how you can use them to concisely convert your data from one case class representation to another. I'll also give a taste of some more advanced techniques for "massaging" data, which can be necessary when the input and output representations don't match exactly.

7.40 pm: Third talk- Jamie Pullar, @JamiePullar – Architect at Concentra Analytics

Cats MTL in action

At Concentra we have used abstract MTL patterns in our production service architecture for a number of years now. We are currently migrating across to the cats.mtl library which brings with it a heightened level of abstraction and composability whilst removing a lot of previously required boiler plate. In this talk I will give a brief overview of how to use cats mtl. Extol the benefits of implementing such an architecture. Share some of the more interesting consequences, as well as how we have resolved various challenges along the way.

8.00 pm: Craft beer, Pizza & laughter

9 pm+: Finish up at the local pub

Please RSVP as soon as possible as we have limited spaces available, we look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 23rd of May.

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