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Scala in the City- Weds 27th of June @ BrightTALK #5

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Scala in the City will be hosting at BrightTALK on Wednesday 27th of June, doors will open from 6pm onwards.

We are super excited to announce our two speakers this month are Leszek Sliwko discussing Scala on 40-core HPC machine & Luka Jacobowitz discussing Oh, all the things you'll traverse. We are grateful to have Luka with us this month as he is flying in from Germany to give this special talk.

Please RSVP early as we have limited spaces available, as we are expecting a high attendance. There will also be loads of swag so ensure you bring a bag.

Schedule for the evening-

6:00 pm: Doors open, drinks & nibbles

7.00 pm: First talk- Leszek Sliwko

Title- Scala on 40-core HPC machine

Abstract- This talk is aimed at analysing and evaluating the range of challenges often encountered with the programming of highly parallel applications with help of jvm-based languages. The focus will be on the selected aspects such as native Scala parallelism mechanisms, functional streams via Akka Streams framework, the impact of frequent context switches and CPU cache reloading, and so on. A few snippets of codes are also presented with the aim of demonstrating the range of readily available tools and other helpful solution patterns.

Leszek plays a leading role in the Distributed Computing and Intelligent Systems research program at the University of Westminster. He is currently developing a distributed scheduler for Cloud systems, which is based on Scala language. The project uses Akka Actors/Streams frameworks to run a highly parallel simulations of around 100k actors, which is conducted on the University of Westminster’s High-Performance Computing cluster.

7.20 pm: Second talk- Luka Jacobowitz

Title- Oh, all the things you'll traverse

Abstract- One of the most important aspects of programming is iterating or traversing all sorts of collections. We’ve come a long way since GOTO statements and C-style for-loops and most Scala programmers are already familiar with the map/filter or reduce functions. In this talk, we’ll explore some further abstractions, starting with folds all the way to Monoids and Traversable Functors.
The Traversable type class is without a doubt one of the hidden gems of functional programming and, because of its vast versatility, also often the answer to “How do I …”-questions, as it can be used to, among others, validating a list of input for fields, waiting for a list of HTTP requests or ensuring a list of optional values are all there. In this talk we’ll see that dozens of functions can be replaced by a well typed traverse and try to gain an intuition for using it.

8.00 pm: Craft beer, Pizza & chat

9 pm+: Finish up at the local pub

We are proud to announce our Media Partner is Scala Times.