Akka Night

This is a past event

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We'll host two talks!

We meet at 18:00, have pizza and beers. The first talk is scheduled for 19:00. There will be a break with more beers, then the second talk around 20:30. Even more beers after that.

Reactive Apps with Akka and AngularJS

Akka and AngularJS are a great combination for Reactive Apps. Akka takes care of vertical and horizontal scaling as well as resilience and with AngularJS it's easy to implement a rich and highly responsive UI talking to an Akka backend via messages. In this session we will build an exemplary Reactive App step by step: starting from a single node and mocked UI, we will introduce features like Server-Sent Events over Akka HTTP, eventual consistent Data Replication with CRDTs and Cluster Sharding.

Heiko Seeberger: Scala enthusiast, hAkker, Reactivist. Free climber and half marathon runner. Senior Software Engineer for Typesafe.

Event-Sourcing and CQRS with Akka

In distributed, message-driven systems the established CRUD data access can hurt your performance and make consistency hard to achieve. Command Query Responsibilty Segregation (CQRS) is a different approach where data flows to modify and read data are separated. CQRS has its roots in Domain Driven Design, and ties in nicely with another DDD concept, Event Sourcing. Akka is an awesome actor-based, message-driven toolkit that offers support for Event Sourcing and CQRS. In this talk I will present the ideas behind the concepts, show benefits and counterindications, before presenting how CQRS and ES can be used in Akka.

Michael Pisula: Scala enthusiast, hAkker, Reactivist. Ice hockey goalie and kung fu practitioner. Senior Consultant for TNG.