• Agile 2017 Highlights

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    I have just returned from the Agile 2017 conference in Orlando and thought some of you may be interested in hearing about it. Here is the list of the sessions I attended to help you work out if there is something you want to know more about: * Women in Agile * Creating Leadership and Engagement at Every Level (David Marquet) * Welcome to the Matrix: Creating Organizational Structures that Effectively Support Agile (Doc List) * Agile Product Ownership: Do the Right Things, Not Everything (Ellen Gottesdiener) * Hello? Is there anyone there? How to engage with distributed teams. (Samantha Laing, Karen Greaves) * Surviving Backdraft (or How to Not Die in a Hellish Explosion of Dysfunction) (Adam Weisbart) * How to go from Zero to Sixty in 19 years - Accelerated learning on the path to Agile (Woody Zuill) * On Damore's Manifestbro (Jez Humble) * The ROI of Learning Hour (Llewellyn Falco) * You can do better than the Spotify Model (Joakim Sundén, Catherine Peck-Phillips) * Continuous Improvement for Product Management (Melissa Perri) * How we grew Mob Programming, preserved culture, and maintained quality (Christopher Lucian) * Dynamic Reteaming: The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams (Heidi Helfand) * Banish Your Inner Critic v2.0 (Denise Jacobs) On the night we can dot vote to see where everyone's interests lie and then I will share take aways from the sessions there is the most interest in.

  • Introducing Infrastructure Mapping: Helping DevOps Design Infrastructure

    Infrastructure Mapping is a building block to creating high performing teams in DevOps environments via executable specifications and a shared understanding. An interesting discussion would be whether this approach would help with an ART's Architectural Runway... This new technique has been developed and successfully used by MagenTys - a DevOps and BDD specialist company based in London and Australia with over 10 years experience and an impressive track record in the field. The presenter is Hamish Tedeschi, MD of MagenTys. Thank you to Lawson Delaney for kindly hosting. Food and drinks will be available from 6pm, aiming for around a 6.30pm start. Closing 8.30pm-ish. Contacts in case of difficulty: James (Lawson Delaney, hosts)[masked] / Daamon (Organiser)[masked]

  • What's new in SAFe 4.0?

    Jasper Hotel

    In the first week of 2016, the team at Scaled Agile announced SAFe 4.0 for Software and Lean Systems Engineering. SPCT4s Em Campbell-Pretty and Mark Richards will be in Melbourne teaching Australia's first Implementing SAFe 4.0 class (http://contextmatters.com.au/event/safe-4-0-program-consultant-spc-training-certification-course/) during the 15th-18th February. We thought we would take advantage of this rare opportunity to catch up with the Melbourne SAFe community and have a chat about what's new in SAFe 4.0.

  • RMIT SAFe Case Study: An Agile Release Train in a COTS world

    RMIT Swanston Academic Building (SAB) - RMIT Building 80, Level 2, Room 03

    RMIT's Student Administration Agile Release Train (StAART) is the latest case study to be added to the Scaled Agile Framework (http://www.scaledagileframework.com/case-studies/). Catherine Haugh, StAART's Release Train Engineer has kindly agreed to share with us RMIT's journey to launching its first Agile Release Train.

  • Self-selection of teams for an Agile Release Train.

    This month Andy Kelk has kindly agreed to share with us his experience with self-selection of teams for an Agile Release Train. Self-organising teams produce the best results; how about if people self-organised into teams in the first place? We allowed our teams to decide what they’re going to work on and who they’re going to work with. We ran a team fair to get teams to opt-in to work on a particular team. This talk walks through the process we took, the challenges we faced and the outcomes we achieved. About Andy Andy is a technology leader with experience in the digital space. Having worked in the UK, Asia and Australia, Andy's roles have covered software development, IT operations and other aspects of the digital lifecycle. Most recently, Andy has held roles at Australia Post, the iProperty Group and REA Group. Andy is passionate about building teams and using Agile principles to deliver business outcomes.

  • An Advance look at SAFe 3.0


    SAFe 3.0 entails some significant evolutions of the Big Picture and is due to officially launch in late July. Both Em and Mark have collaborated with Dean over many of the changes, and we'll use this session to work our way through the "Big Picture 3.0". We'll take a look at each of the major changes, discuss the motivation and intent and have a little Q&A. Hope to see you there, and many thanks to Envato for opening up their great venue for us.

  • Applying SAFe to Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing at Telstra

    SMS Management & Technology

    Em Campbell-Pretty is the General Manager for the Strategic Delivery (SD) group within Telstra's BI Centre of Excellence (Telstra BI CoE). Come and here how Em and her team have applied SAFe and moved her group to Agile Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW). It's really quite remarkable what's been achieved by Em and her team. Agile is relatively new in the Enterprise Data Warehousing scene, but this group have pushed every boundary. Whether you're interested in data warehousing or not, don't miss this opportunity to hear from someone who has applied SAFe in a very difficult context (for Agile in general let alone Scaled Agile).

  • Release Planning Roll-Play

    Conference Room 1

    SAFe Release Planning Release Planning in SAFe is a 2 day, everyone-in, program planning mechanism. In this evening, we'll spend a short time reviewing SAFe release planning, then we'll break into roles and teams and play out a release planning event (scaled down to 2 hours of course). Look forward to a fun and informative Agile Program Planning experience...

  • The Program Architect Role in SAFe


    I plan to talk to attendees to choose the topic. See the list on the discussion board (http://www.meetup.com/Scaled-Agile-Framework-Melbourne/messages/boards/thread/25568382). I have a very recent talk highlighting architecture and the role of the portfolio and program architects in SAFe. Lets get this one out of the way early, then move onto PSI planning, establishing SAFe, distribution, and convincing the business/management to use SAFe.

  • Scaled Agile Framework Melbourne - First Meetup

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    Topics: Scaled Agile Framework Overview Tips learned from the Scaled Agile Academy (http://www.scaledagileacademy.com/certified-graduates/) trainers.