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Scaling Agile Day @INNOVATION ROOTS - 9 Dec 2018

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Session 1 : Introdcution to Scaling Agile

Session Abstract: This is a brief workshop to define the agenda and Scaling Agile.

Facilitator Bio : Priyank Pathak is a Transofrmation Coach and Consultant and curator of INNOVATION ROOTS.
Session 2: Scaling Agile, the differentiator

Session Abstract: As benefits of adopting the agile mindset are being realized in projects, many organizations are looking to realize the same benefits at a broader program, department and organization level. However, the approach for scaling agile to a wider scale requires completely different approach, thinking and the way organizations are structured. This talk will delve into these areas and provide valuable insights to scale agile.

Session Takeaway: The audience will get 3 key takeaways:
- The change in approach needed to scale agile
- The change in thinking needed to scale agile
- The change in organization needed to scale agile

Speaker Bio: Monica Gupta is an expert thought leader who has successfully led global agile and digital transformation in multiple organizations across Banking, IT, Retail and Energy sectors.Monica believes in building open and collaborative cross organization culture and is adept at enabling creation of lean agile innovative organizations.

Session 3: "Identifying real need in customer Journey - Scaling Conversations -Using Collaborative Frameworks"

Session Abstract: What we usually comfortable dealing with is what we know and what we don’t know but we have much beyond to identify and one of approach to identify beyond is by scaling conversations while planning from Product side. Let’s understand what is solo conversation and what is scaled conversation and how using Collaborative frameworks we can improve Scaling, we will look one of framework including looking into few helpful frameworks for SAFe PI planning while in distributed environment.

Speaker Bio: Vikas Uppal is a Passionate Leadership Coach with Extensive experience in Team Motivation, Enterprise Level Collaboration. Vikas is an Certified Collaboration Instructor (Innovation Games ®) with 2 decades of Agile Consulting experience.


Session Title : Agile Project Contracting Model

Session Abstract: As every organisation is moving from traditional way of working to Agile way of working, it is essential that the contracting should be done in Agile more collaborative way. This presentation emphasis the requirement of same and various Agile contract models in breif.

Session Take away: Audience will know the importance of Agile contract and various Agile contact model.

Speaker bio: Veenit Kumar Kansal having 14+ experience is working as Agile Transformation Coach in TCS.


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