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ScandiPWA community meetup is an event for developers, eCommerce agencies, online merchants that want to learn how to improve their business by leveraging the most evolved, user-friendly, feature-rich, open-source PWA solution for Magento.

Founder of ScandiPWA flew half the world to share with You the story of open-source, ultrafast and easy-to-start PWA solution for Magento.

We will discuss:

- Why ScandiPWA is the easiest and most evolved PWA solution for Magento;

- How everyone can get a fully running Magento PWA store with ScandiPWA in just one hour ;

- How you can leverage open-source ScandiPWA theme for your business;

- Hear our story of launching the biggest PWA store and helping $1Bn enterprise sell more;

- How ScandiPWA solution help Shopify users to seamlessly migrate and increase conversion;

- Get inspired by the merchants' success stories.

Join us if you want to know how ScandiPWA can help you to get ahead of your competition in 2020.

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Future of Mobile eCommerce with PWA | Stockholm, eCOM360 warmup event

LEVERAGE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DIVE DEEP INTO FUTURE TECHNOLOGY OF ECOMMERCE USED BY ALIBABA, UBER, FACEBOOK, FLIPKART AND MANY MORE. The event is FREE to attend and seats are limited. eCommerce is an industry that is ever-changing. It’s an industry that is constantly shifting in an attempt to both shape and adapt to the way people purchase products all across the globe. In light of the continued growth of mobile eCommerce, companies are putting increased emphasis on understanding and capitalizing on the way consumers use their devices. And there has never been a more important time to do so than now. PWA (Progressive Web Applications) is the newest trend in web development that's revolutionising the digital landscape. Digital titans, such as Adobe, Forbes, Twitter, and Alibaba are paving the way with game-changing PWA success stories, and the technology is attracting the attention of merchants everywhere. Join us if you are interested in learning about the newest eCommerce trends and how to get ahead of your competition in 2020. We will cover: How online merchants can adopt PWA to boost conversion. Everything we learned after launching the biggest Magento PWA store: how SEO is handled / how to handle payment extensions support / what are the changes for Google Analytics / how does the upgrade path look like and much more! Case study of the biggest tech retailer in Central Asian migrating to PWA: more than 30 stores, 100,000 products in each and 15,000 product attributes, Technodom.kz has become the biggest single-brand business on Magento PWA in the world! Training on how to launch your PWA store in 1 day. eCOM360 conference organizers invite you to a free warm-up event to get inspired by and learn from concrete case studies of recent eCommerce success stories. Come explore what the future of eCommerce holds for merchants worldwide side by side with industry experts. Featuring speakers: Glebs Vrevsky, co-CEO at Scandiweb. Bringing growth insights to bootstrapping startups, digital merchants, and Fortune 500 enterprises who want to generate bigger revenues online. Alfreds Genkins - ScandiPWA frontend lead, representing Open-Source PWA solution for Magento. ScandiPWA was born out of the vision to bridge the mobile gap for the hundreds of Scandiweb customers, who were anxious to become mobile-first. We realised that in order to help them achieve high mobile conversion and user engagement - the next generation technology has to be applied. About hosts - eCOM360 conference and Scandiweb eCOM360 events are managed by Scandiweb - leaders in eCommerce since 2003, supporting digital goals of brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, New York Times, Peugeot, Reuters, JYSK and 400 other brands in 35 countries. For more information visit scandiweb.com To learn more about the main conference visit ecom360.io

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